August 31st, 2015

hannibal, red dragon

Evening updates

I posted the 3x04 "Aperitivo" recap this morning. It was about 90% drafted before the finale aired, so it is largely written without any hindsight, but if you would like to skip some apparently foreshadowy conjecture at the beginning, jump here.

However, if you have seen "The Wrath of the Lamb," I think you'll want to read it from the beginning. To a similar end, I put together a Storify re: a number of book/movie/show parallels in the final after-credits scene. You can interpret that scene any way you want, I ain't gonna stop you (I actually kind of dig one interpretation for the penultimate scene and a contradictory one for the stinger), but I'm hearing that the broadcast was so dark for a lot of people that they missed a key moment.

As for how contradictory interpretations could work--think of the "multiverse" conversation in "Primavera." Everything that can happen, happens. It has to end well and it has to end badly. It has to end every way it can. Pick the one(s) you like, or all of them simultaneously, and enjoy.

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