December 6th, 2015

msauvage purple

I went to the Eddie Izzard show last night!

And I am very tired, and possibly sick, considering how many people sneezed on me. But I will say, it was at the Alabama Theatre, which is a gorgeous old-fashioned show-palace theater built in the '20s, and was lit to great effect for the occasion: Collapse )

So. I haven't been doing that great for a few weeks--I mean, okay, but I hurt my back, had a mild touch of depression--and haven't gotten a whole lot done. So it was particularly nice to get out of the house right now. I am helping a bit with an Aromaleigh X-Files-inspired box that Kristen's going to have out in early February, I think--pre-orders will be on the 15th, and I'll see if there's a preview of some kind to put up in the next week. But this is in the vein of the Primavera and Red Dragon boxes: eyeshadows, a lip product, a fragrance, and some kind of cheek color and/or highlighter as a set, with individual items available a couple of weeks later, and I get to do a huge inspiration/swatch picture post, and it's all super fun.

(Here's me wearing the Maledictio gloss from her Proserpina collection last night. The eyeshadow, what you can see of it, is Awe from Red Dragon and Dauphine.)

As far as the Hannibal recaps go, I'm still finishing up "Contorno" (3x05), and I think I'm going to jump back to 2x06 ("Futamono," speaking of Gideon), which I have at least half done from last year, so we'll have some context for the next couple of S3 episodes, then jump back to 3x07 ("Digestivo"), then maybe finish up that S2 storyline with 2x07 ("Yakimono," which is a great one), and then start in on the S3 Red Dragon storyline straight through to the end. IDK, it makes sense to me. Things are always super busy chez Jones this time of year, so that's a schedule that'll take us well into January, possibly February as well.