Cleolinda Jones (cleolinda) wrote,
Cleolinda Jones

An entry that is *not* about politics (...much)

Just got back from a power-shopping trip--Mom and I descended upon Best Buy again with Sister Girl's wish list. Today, for some reason, I was the one whipping around the store--mostly because I knew which genre each movie would be in off the top of my head, so Mom stood back and let me do it. Of course, I kept getting stuck behind some chick who couldn't stop yawning and some guy who looked like he'd come in fresh off the tractor--which is fine, except that it's really odd to see in Birmingham. Meanwhile, Mom kept checking her voicemail in the car, and she'd get five fresh messages while she was listening to one--it's the last day of benefits open enrollment where she works, and she's head of that department, and people are being absolute morons about it. Like, they've had a whole month to do it, and suddenly executives are calling her up all like, "Can I just come into your office and have you set it up? Can you just do it for me over the phone?" So she's muttering ("No, I CAN'T hold your hand, thanks") at the phone (which is all like, "Lady, don't bitch at me, I just record the messages") and making me memorize half a phone number at a time while she calls people back, and yelling at traffic the whole time ("What are you DOING? Why are you in THIS LANE if you want to TURN RIGHT? ASS!"). I know, talking on your cell while driving is awful, and if my mother wasn't a total road ninja, I'd try to make her stop. Meanwhile, I was still high on playing at political activism, so I just zenned out in the passenger seat.

Interesting fannish news: Johnny Depp's Finding Neverland was named best film by the National Board of Review, while Emmy Rossum won best breakthrough performance for Phantom. Both movies are doing better critically than I thought they would.

Also, Carnivàle, accented a and all, is coming back in January. If you like the weirder aspects of Lost, like Locke and the mysterious black & white stones and Babymama of the Apocalypse, you would like Carnivàle. I will totally start recapping it, because I LOVED the first season, and... well, the guy who used to recap it at TWOP, I believe, has left the site, so I won't feel like I'm stepping on someone else's established territory. Woot.

Oh, and let me not forget: ambiguousreason has set up a new icon-sharing community, icon_wh0res. It's a closed comm just to make sure that people who join have read the rules first, so in theory, it's an icon community where you won't get spammed to death with OT entries or dumb questions. You don't have to be an icon maker--you can join if you just like collecting them as well.

Quick note on the two previous entries: I've been unscreening comments as they come in, and no one's gotten out of line so far. If I haven't unscreened your comment at this point, it was total oversight.

And thanks so much for all the support. : )

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