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Apparently Rep. Allen was on Hannity & Colmes yesterday; I'm waiting for a transcript to go up at the Fox site, because I have a feeling this is going to be good.

I'm not sure what to do at this point about the book banning issue, by the way. I've had more than one person advise me now that this is a big publicity stunt on Allen's part, and that no one ever expected the bill to pass--it makes Allen look good to his constituents and like-minded Alabamians, basically, while the bill itself is completely unenforceable, unconstitutional, unworkably expensive, and badly thought-out. The rest of the legislature thinks, or may think, in whole or in part, that he's being an ass, and bringing more attention to him is only going to help him. Alternatively, he's going to wear us all out on book-banning and then sneak something in like "banning all mentions of homosexuality from just textbooks," and we're going to feel so relieved it's nothing worse that we'll let it through.

Directors do this a lot with movie violence--I specifically remember stories about Scorsese and Tarantino amping up particular scenes so that the "regular" version actually looks good in comparison. The only problem is... and this has happened; I wish I could remember the specific example... sometimes the MPAA doesn't blink, and the worse version goes through. This is what I'm afraid of here. The wind is blowing in a terrifyingly conservative direction these days, and I'm afraid that if we don't speak up now--"Oh, that'll never pass"--well, what if this bill, or something like it, actually does?

Now that I've had time to think about it, I'm also a little disturbed that Rep. Gaines spoke so approvingly of censorship in general. It's a complicated issue, but... I was expecting a more moderate stance, somehow. Still, he is a Republican; I'm going to try writing to a Democratic representative and see how far that gets me.

I think the big issue here, to me, is that this is censorship on religious principles, and I want less religion in my government, thanks. We should all have the freedom to express our religions, and included in that is the religious affiliation of no religion. If religion therefore is a matter of choice, it should not and cannot be a matter of mandated law. I think a lot of anti-gay legislation could theoretically be approached on these grounds: civil unions for everyone, two people, any gender, and if they're going to hell, that's their problem, not yours. Not that coming out and saying it that bluntly would necessarily work, but that would be the underlying principle.

And as I said in a previous comment somewhere, we can rage and howl about how we're right all we want. But I'd rather win than be right. The logic we're using here, "the right to personal censorship" rather than "how dare you ban any books ever OMG," is sort of a thin-edge-of-the-wedge approach. We start small, and after we've defeated whatever fresh hell they've thought of, we move on to bigger and wider issues with the same calm, rational approach. But I don't know who to take this approach to, if you see what I mean. So.

Today: More power Christmas shopping. We found a great mini-CD player/radio for George at Brookstone, plus some of those Föm pillows that are so much fun. We still can't figure out which store carries this belt that my cousin wants, so we're having to wait until Aunt Awesome calls us back with a name. We only had a couple of hours today--Mom and I had to sneak out while George was at a special job interview for a position he really, really wants (so cross your fingers for him on that). Tomorrow we're decorating the tree, but I don't know if Sister Girl will be up and well enough to do the punch and cookies she wanted--she's laid out again, this time with the Sinus Infection of Doooom. I'm slowly but surely progressing on my final paper.

New icons: Six Ella Enchanted, two extra Padme, and one Mirrormask.

Also a ton of Eowyn, but they're over at icon_wh0res (the joining, it is painless! Why is it that you are not of the joining?).

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