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Today's horoscope: Your attention span could use a boost. Try to focus on just one thing. Well, YES. Besides name-checking my blog, my horoscope is completely right, because the M15M manuscript is due January 3rd. Yeah. Pray for me.

So, uh, guys? I didn't write the Lost recap last night. Because I kinda, uh, woke up this morning drooling on the couch in front of the VCR. I think I passed out sometime after Mercutio was like, "Bitch, I don't WANNA go south." Yeah. So... that'll be forthcoming today.

Corrections: I added this to the original entry, but I forgot to finish the UPS Shipping Charge of Horror story. We did not actually spend $568 to ship a box to Croatia. In fact, if it had come to that, we just wouldn't have shipped it, because... no. We actually took it to USPS and got them to send it for $60, which was less than my mother had originally been expecting anyway. So that ended well.

(OMG. The Galadriel bust was my early birthday present, right? Well, Vladimir's Christmas present for me arrived early yesterday. You know what it was? It was ANDURIL. A SWORD. A SWORD THAT'S ALMOST TALLER THAN I AM. OMG.)

Speaking of mail, and Christmas, and stuff--I feel bad giving y'all a mailing address for me and then being like, "But I can't possibly afford to send all y'all cards, suckers!" That's terrible. So what we're going to do instead is--if you want a card, or rather a... multimedia Christmas greeting... from me, give me your email down there. Again: private, no one will see it but me.

Want a Christmas greeting? Give me your email here.

P.S. Mom is tallying up the fundraising to date. We'll have an updated total tonight.

ETA 12/10/04 3 pm: Mom says we're up to about $1904, including things in the mail that haven't reached Sapphire yet, but not including donations only mentioned in the comments (like anonymous/non-LJ people), which I'll have to check against the master list and add in later.
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