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Today's horoscope ( Right now it's time to put the past behind you. Focus will be especially difficult if you're faced with a task you'd rather not be doing. Stay on your toes -- critical eyes are watching your every move. Use your spare time to catch up on communication issues you've let fall by the wayside. Return phone calls and emails, and follow up on written correspondence. The sooner you deal with the issues at hand, the better it is for everyone involved.

Okay, that's so spot-on as to be a little scary.

Had a massive headache last night, but back working again. It's frustrating, because I've been sitting here for four or five months now, and even though I was sick or had classes or whatever, I still had more time to write this book than I do now, and I sat there in front of my computer and plunked away at the keyboard, and whatever came out was either crap or... nothing at all. And now I've got, like, two weeks until my deadline and I'm on frickin' fire, but I still don't know that I can make it on time. I keep telling myself that--worst case scenario--I'll just turn in what I've finished, make very apologetic noises, and keep writing, but... that doesn't satisfy. Why is it that I can't write well unless I'm living in fear of a deadline?

Clarification: the list of movie pictures yesterday was not meant to be a list of "the most interesting movies of 2005" or even movies I particularly want to see; it was just that, out of the dozens of studio previews posted at, those are the ones that 1) had pictures and 2) I thought y'all might be the least bit interested in. I'm already terribly disappointed in what I'm seeing for Aeon Flux, I'd already posted Harry Potter pics, and some of the movies I wanted to post links to didn't have pictures yet. So don't read too much into that list.

A deliciously scathing review of the POTO score and movie:

Original Composition: *****
1986 Cast Recording: *****
2004 Adaptation and New Material: **
2004 Cast Recording: FRISBEE
Overall 2004 Rating: *

Ended up following a daisy chain of links that led me to... a recipe for pasta puttanesca at the Food Network. Bless. (The thing I can't get over is that, yes, "puttanesca" means what you would think it means, if you're familiar with the Spanish word puta. Basically, the kids are serving Count Olaf "Whore Pasta." Daniel Handler must have used it in the Snicket books for a reason, but... I can't quite put my finger on the joke. Maybe he just really likes it?)

Apparently Cindy, My Second Cousin, is/was doing the sets for House. I say "was" because I think she's elsewhere doing a movie right now (not Hostage, that one wrapped a while ago), but for all I know, she's still on the TV series, too. I don't get to see or talk to her much, so "Yay Cindy!" is pretty much my involvement with all of it, but it's still fun to find out what she's doing. (I believe her husband, also a set decorator, was working on Legend of Zorro this... summer? I don't know his last name for sure, but the overlap with Cindy's credits leads me to believe that this is him... OMFG HE WORKED ON BRAM STOKER'S DRACULA ARE YOU KIDDING ME? WHY ARE WE NOT BEST FRIENDS WTF?)

Back to work. Except that I think I'd like lunch first. Hmm.
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