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Poetry self-wank ahoy!

Great. I turn in three poems to poetryslamming. So, first I'm a racist ("Gringo Soap"). I think I defused that one, though.

One of the voters (who may be a mod also, I'm not sure) requests a fourth poem to help make up her mind. I panic, as I don't have anything else short, and so I write "Smoke" (see previous entry). A couple of votes later, I get snarled at for having four poems instead of the strict three your application post is supposed to have, even though it's clearly marked as being requested by another member. The snarler (hey, I snarl with the best of 'em, nothing personal) said that it was early in the morning, etc., and that a request is fine but she's not going to read it. So that seems to have taken care of itself.

Then I'm a plagiarist ("Written on the Body"). *facepalms* What happened was that I got the idea for the poem from a title I randomly saw. Never read the book, don't know what it's about. (So if you've ever done anything like that, take this as a warning: always credit everything!) Still waiting to see how this one turns out. Update: Vindicated!

I'd just throw up my hands and say, "None of this is worth it," but it's not like the actual publishing industry is going to be cupcakes and kittycats, either. If my poem comes off as racist, I need to know it, and if I riffed on someone's title and that's a problem, it's going to come up again at some point.

Still: fnarrr.

Just to ward off any future trouble: the only people who can post in this community are accepted members. If you friend them, you have to produce your three poems ASAP, and you can only comment in that thread until you're accepted (if you are at all). I don't know that anyone would do this, but please don't go down there and try to post anything in my defense. I just wanted to post my own little wangst here. I can take care of myself. I hope.
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