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Yesterday's Horoscope of Irony: Sometimes the siren song of a good party is just too hard to resist, but you just might have to do that in this case. Let's face it: You've got too much to do and too many things to think about, and no amount of pretending will make it otherwise. Buckle down and get all the necessary tasks done, and then it'll be time to let loose your free spirit. You'll be glad you did.

Yeah. I went out to see a movie, had dinner, and stayed out until 2 am. Not a lick of work got done, and I'm kind of glad, because I was getting severely burned out.

So. We (Mom, Sister Girl, and I) were going to see Phantom of the Opera at its one little theater in town--the new Patton Creek (Galleria) Rave, but due to a misprint in the paper, we didn't get there until it was already sold out, so we ended up seeing Lemony Snicket. Neither Mom nor Sister Girl had read the books, and wanted to make sure I was with them when they saw it. I ended up liking it even more the second time, myself; Mom wants to go again, and Sister Girl is now in love with Sunny, but then, she has a dangerously soft spot for kids. (Like, "Please wait until you're out of school before you start procreating, thanks" soft.)

Then, after a bit of a communication snafu, I ended up at Sabor Latino with all my college friends exchanging presents. Of course, by the time The Lovely Emily and I had gotten there, everyone else had finished eating, but okay. Then we went back to The Lovely Emily's (parents') house, as we usually do. I hadn't even finished my margarita at the restaurant, so I didn't help with the numerous bottles of wine that got drunk after that, but rather spent the evening gradually sliding into sleepiness. (Mr. Typo got smashed on half a margarita at Sabor, which is unusual, and everyone else kept refilling his wine glass at Em's, so I wonder how he's doing today.)

So I got home about 2 am, stayed up another hour playing solitaire and guzzling ice water (another habit of mine, after I've had something to drink), then got to sleep. Woke up, had a big breakfast, and... went back to bed. Was woken up by various people asking various things; didn't actually get up until... just now. Grandma's coming over for a Christmas Eve dinner, which is being "catered," if you will, by Olive Garden takeout. (Hey, as long as it's Italian and Mom gets out of cooking, I don't care.) I still have a lot of presents to wrap tonight, but I plan on popping in a DVD and having fun with it.

Oh! And on one of my wake-up trips to get water or a bathroom break or something, I talked to Vladimir. The [thing] finally arrived! And the [thing]--is also a sword. It's the one I wanted to get him last year, but didn't have enough money. Well, this year, thanks to the book, I had enough to spoil him properly to get him back for all the presents he's sent me through the year. He's put up a photo of it sitting on his TV (hee) at his journal--it's a replica of Arwen's sword Hadhafang.

And now I can tell you the really funny story! I had ordered Hadhafang and was waiting for it to arrive when I went to mail the First Present (read the saga of trying to mail that here). We got home from mailing that and there was a tall box on the front step, so I assumed that's what it was. Except the box was frickin' huge--nearly two feet wide and taller than I am, and I thought something was a little odd about that, considering that Hadhafang is like, four feet tall and has no crossguard, but okay. So Mom and I haul it into the kitchen and start opening the box, which is a job in itself, and I open it, and it's this beautiful gigantic monster thing with runes down the blade, and I was like, "This is not the sword I ordered... why did they send me this one?" I mean, the answer should be apparent at this point, but I kept flitting around in confusion, and when I pulled out the packing slip, I was even saying, "Why is Vladimir's name on this? I didn't tell Fireside this was for him! HOW DO THEY KNOW HIS NAME?," and finally I got it through my head that this wasn't the sword I'd ordered--it was the one he'd ordered for me. I knew he'd ordered something from Fireside Collectibles for me, which was why I'd poked around the site, and when I found that their Hadhafang price was better than the one I'd found somewhere else, I ended up ordering from them, too. But I thought he'd gotten me something in polystone, quite honestly, and we seriously sent each other swords without any idea of what the other was doing.

I'm still hiding mine from Sister Girl, because I don't want her to find out I have it and get it in her head to pull it out and play with it while her friends are over or something, but I have a walk-in closet, and I'm wondering... maybe I can clean the stacks of boxes out and get it nice and neat and mount the plaque on the back wall, and go in sometimes and visit it...

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