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Still pretty logy; trying to keep sore throat from turning into a cough, but I am on antibiotics now. Holla.

Thanks so much for the disaster relief comments--the most efficient, most trustworthy way to help seems to be to donating to the Red Cross. You can specify what area you want your donation to go to, and the one-click link at Amazon (super easy) specifies the Asian earthquake/tsunami victims. I'm going to keep linking to the Red Cross until... I don't even know when.

How's the bottled water campaign coming? Anyone?

By the way--beware of disaster relief scams.

(Phantom is currently leading over Snicket with something like 12 votes. Still have not seen the movie. Am tempted to try writing a Phantom 15M just from the stills. "Oh, Raoul, no one must see the ring you gave me! I KNOW! I'll hide it in my cleavage--no one EVER looks there!")

Meanwhile, The Lovely Emily is leaving town tomorrow--but not back to school; she's spending New Year's in New Orleans. She has promised to go back to Flying Joe's Burrito or whatever the name was and try to FedEx me some of the salsa, or steal the recipe, or something. Meanwhile, my New Year's Eve plans involve 1) deadlines and 2) booze. Friends don't let friends type drunk, yo.

But before she leaves, we went and had lunch today at Panera Bread. I got the Smokehouse Turkey Panini, which is apparently comprised of "smoked turkey breast, smoked bacon, smoked cheddar and a sun-dried tomato ale mustard, all grilled hot on [their] Artisan Three Cheese bread." "Artisan bread" sounds kind of pretentious; all I know is that the sandwich was good. (Incidentally, wayyyy back in the day I submitted my journal to some journal-reviewing community and they rejected me pretty roundly. One of the criticisms is that I was writing, at the time, too much about food. I say fuck 'em. In the nicest way, of course.) Then we exchanged a few things of Em's at the Gap and came back to my house and ripped a rip of her rip of Poe's Haunted CD and I had threeeeeee Mountain Dews wheeeeeeeeee. Mostly, I feel better for having gotten out of the house.

Sigh. Back to work.

ETA: I would be checking ill-tempered sea bass in the area, myself.

Saving lives is love.
Donate to the Red Cross: US, UK, Int.
Donate to another organization

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