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I wanted to post this separate from the poetryslamming wangst because I didn't want it to come off as a new and creative version of the "How can you be so mean to me! My crippled sister is dying of cancer in Iraq!" ploy.

We have three dogs. Lucky Dog is the cocker spaniel; Sam and Meko are the two poms. Sam is the cutest, sweetest fluffy white pom you will ever meet.

Two weeks ago, we noticed that he had something going on under his fur. The vet said it was ringworm, but that didn't explain why it was black. So we take him again this weekend for an update, possibly a lime bath, and the vet's like, "Oh, that's not ringworm. That's A SPIDER BITE. It's spread, and the black means that the skin is dead. We're going to have to do surgery."

Now, Meko, for example, can't even be put to sleep to have her teeth cleaned, she's so old and so small. I'm now worried sick about Sam, who is a lot younger, but... and forget me, my stepfather will just crumple if anything happens to Sam. See, the poms are stepdogs--George has had them for years (I think Sam is 5). He's lost a lot of poms to various health problems, and he just loves them to death. And I am really, really worried.
Tags: anxiety, family, health, house of bark, lucky, meko, sam

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