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Today's horoscope: You've gotten yourself worked up into quite a state. Chill out, already!

Rrrright. Another spot-on horoscope, in that 1) it's true; 2) thanks a lot, man--that's easy for YOU to say; 3) but it's true, I can't work if I don't let go a little; 4) but all the working in the world isn't going to make tomorrow's deadline at this point, so why not freak the hell out; 5) but if I'm not going to make it and I know it, why bother freaking out in the first place, because it's not like that accomplishes anything anyway; 6) this is a terribly, terribly constructed sentence and should probably be put out of its misery.

I sat up last night staring at my Matrix gaps, unable to think of a damn thing to do about anything. Rather than slowly go nuts today, I managed to get Mom to go with me to The Aviator instead of Flight of the Phoenix. About two hours into the movie with no end in sight, she turns to me and whispers, "How long is this movie? It's not three hours or something, is it?" I just shrugged innocently, but... has she never, ever seen a Scorsese movie before? I don't have, like, all the running times of everything he's ever made at my fingertips, but I remember The Age of Innocence being a total anomaly at something over only two hours. This one was about ten minutes shy of being three hours long, but then you have to add in about thirty minutes of trailers AND HELLSPAWN COMMERCIALS before that. I know Roger Ebert advocates complaining and walking out of any theater that shows non-movie commercials to paying customers, but... dude, where would I ever get to see a movie if I did that?

Speaking of Ebert, I thought the movie was good... but it wasn't that great. A really great movie, for me--and I admit here that any critical assessment of a movie is entirely unique and personal--sends me out of the theater feeling as if the tectonic plates under my feet have shifted. The acting is wonderful, though, and the movie feels less labored than Gangs of New York, which made me feel like Scorsese was trying to use the history of New York to prove... something about the present, but couldn't quite get the numbers to add up. (P.S. There is a spelling error on that review that I desperately need to fire up Page Builder and fix. Wait... there's another one. I'll be over here with my own obsessive-compulsive tendencies, thanks.) I will say that if you're a fan of old movies, like me--particularly the movies of the '30s; I had a total fangirl moment when I realized that Hughes was being shown with Katharine Hepburn at the premiere of The Women--go see it for Cate Blanchett's Hepburn performance. She doesn't look completely like her, but... the voice she does is astounding, and this is even taking into consideration that 1) Hepburn impressions can trip into caricature on a dime and 2) I'm a total Cate fangirl. Seriously. The vocal likeness is weird.

OH! OMG OMG OMG! We saw a trailer for Hostage! I had no idea what it was until the title came up at the end! And that's the last movie Cindy did the sets on! And it was a fabulous trailer in that it didn't give away every single plot point and secret! Woot!

Anyway. That's basically been my day: staring at various screens. Back to the final stretch so I have something to give Ginger tomorrow.

ETA: Has anyone else seen The Aviator? If so, was the scene where Hughes and Hepburn play golf blue? Like, it looked pretty normal, except that everything green was sky blue. And then Hughes' peas at the club with Jude Law were also sky blue. It was really weird. I couldn't figure out if the problem was on our end or... blue. What?
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