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I don't BELIEVE this. I was pulling down the Symbols menu to get that "®" symbol, and MICROSOFT WORD CRASHED. I think I recovered all my work, but... WAH. But even so:


*If by finished, you mean, "Reached a point where it was publically presentable and also, I was tired."

Anyway, a couple of things that came to my attention while I was working:

CNN said goodbye to pundit Tucker Carlson on Wednesday, and with him likely the "Crossfire" program that has been the granddaddy of high-volume political debate shows on cable television.

CNN will probably fold "Crossfire" into its other programming, perhaps as an occasional segment on the daytime show "Inside Politics," said Jonathan Klein, who was appointed in late November as chief executive of CNN's U.S. network.

The bow-tied wearing conservative pundit got into a public tussle last fall with comic Jon Stewart, who has been critical of cable political programs that devolve into shoutfests.

"I guess I come down more firmly in the Jon Stewart camp," Klein told The Associated Press.


Quick warning: there's some spamming fucker that's hit dozens of people I know, probably hundreds if not thousands of other people, and I've seen his handiwork on my Blogspot, JF, and LJ. If you get a really annoying spam comment in giant font: DO NOT REPLY TO IT. DO NOT LEAVE IT UP. Delete the comment, and when you do, "Report this comment as spam" will come up as an option. Check that. It's not harmful, per se--that's just what you have to do if you don't want the spammer to profit in any way.

And as a quick commentary/clarification on the LJ-Six Apart merger announced last night--I'm cautiously optimistic that they're not intending to mess up the things we like. I mean, they probably will. But at least they didn't come out of the gate shooting, you know? So we can hold off on the mass Greatest Journal exodus for the moment.

I have to say, though--I squarely attribute most of the success I've had with "Movies in Fifteen Minutes," including the book itself, to the community nature of LiveJournal (and, specifically, an early link to "Van Helsing in Fifteen Minutes" from theferrett). I got lots of links from blogs outside LJ, but I'm firmly convinced that it's the densely-connected grapevine nature of LJ that got the whole thing started, and it's how I've continued to seek out new readers. And the reason I feel so certain about this is because I've had a website, and I've had a Blogspot blog (and an Easyjournal, and a Diaryland journal... ) and nothing can compare to the speed and ease with which you can make friends and spread news via LJ. If the Six Apart merger endangers that in any way... well, I'll leave you a forwarding journal address.
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