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Don't feel so good. May be coming down with something. Birthday was all right, as far as that goes. I think George wasn't speaking to me because he was worried about Sam. (That's my stepfather for you: so sensitive he's insensitive.) So of course Sam gets to the vet and they're like, "Oh! We can just scrape the dead spider biteness off! We won't have to do surgery after all!" So we're all glad about that. Mom brought him home at lunch, while he was still doped up on anesthesia, so I had to watch him all afternoon to make sure he didn't flop down the stairs or something. Imagine a little fluffy white pom trying to wobble forward, but only being able to wobble sideways, and then sit-falling like a diaper-heavy toddler, and you've pretty much got my afternoon. Only with fur. But I had a massive headache, so it was all right--nothing better to do--so I lay on the couch and read the LOTR Weapons and Warfare book, a birthday present, because I am a nerrrrd.

The book is hilarious, by the way. For those of you interested, it does have a few spoilers here and there--not that it really matters this close to the release date, I suppose, but just keep that in mind. The funny part is that the book treats the movies like everything really happened, leading to "quotations" from "ancient texts" and lines like, "Courtesy a translation from the library of Elrond at Rivendell." My favorite parts were where they mention that "reports varied" as to the color of Legolas' hair (read: the movie and the book didn't match up) and to the fate of Saruman (ditto), but "Frodo Baggins of the Shire recorded in the Red Book that..." blah blah blah. You know, I'm sitting here thinking this'll be a nice behind-the-scenes type thing, you know, what real-life cultures they pulled details from to create the weapons and fighting styles, etc., and I start reading and it's this hilarious "ancient texts" crap. Which raises the question: if the book is full of "artists' renderings" and "surviving sketches" from The Days of Yore, what does that make the movie stills?

One last word: You get this book, you'd better be interested in pommels and greaves and battle strategy, or you're gonna be in trouble. You will also need to be interested in warrior underwear. I suspect this will be less of a problem for most of you.

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