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Meanwhile, back at the ranch...

Reposted from my old Easyjournal:

Just a short entry, but here's what I get to write back to Correspondent Vladimir while he's on his glamorous Venetian gig. Background: the anecdote below uses everyone's real names (mine and AngelDust's), and the two rabbits are [in real life] creatively named White Bunny and Grey Bunny. (I know, I know.)

**Just woken up two minutes ago by an awful crash--I go out into the hall, to the bathroom, and there's White Bunny meandering down the hall (bop... bop... bop...). There's a little attached house on the cage, a little hutch, and they had managed to jump up and down until it fell off, providing a way to freedom. Which they squandered by both immediately bopping into the bathroom. So I close them in there with me, and I'm trying to do my thing, and after chewing on all the available cords (and picking up the roll of toilet paper with their teeth and tossing it in the air, which they do with the cardboard tubes we give 'em after the paper's used up) they decide to come bite my legs.

Mom, out in the hall, knocking on Sister Girl's door: "[SISTER GIRL]! THE BUNNIES HAVE GOT OUT!"

Sister Girl: "Cálmate! [Cleo]'sgot them in the bathroom!"


So together, Mom and I managed to get them back into their cage. They have lost their Hutch Privileges (we took it off and fortified the cage) and have gone back to humping each other. Sigh.**
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