Cleolinda Jones (cleolinda) wrote,
Cleolinda Jones

HEEEEEE. The “I Would Do Anything For Love” Dr. Pepper commercial is awesome.

Jennifer Garner and Mark Wahlberg. WHOA Garner’s dress is ruffly. See what I meant about the “so far”? TV/miniseries supporting actress, which is a ridiculous category. And apparently we have two Life and Death of Peter Sellers actresses up against Nicollette Scaridan… and they all lose to Anjelica Huston. Seriously, she is the daddy in The Life Aquatic. Two thumbs up, fine holiday fun, wind beneath my wings and all that. She thanks Hilary Swank “and… the rest of you.” HEE.

Supporting actor, same category. Sean Hayes, Michael Imperioli, Jeremy Piven, Oliver Platt, The Shatner. People are rowdy, because there is BOOZE. Shatner runs off with it. He gets up and pimp-tones: “William Shatner.” The crowd goes wild.

Diane Lane. I missed what the title of her next movie is. It sounded something like “Must Love Dogs.” She is here to present a Kinsey clip. I take a break to format this entry.

Whee! Jim Carrey is here to lose another award. He comes to present something about “men of the Italian culture.” Ohhhh, Lord, he’s tanking. Here’s the president of the HFPA. Morgan Freeman is caught giving Carrey sort of a “Heh… weirdo” look, which I find funny. This guy introduces “Beel Cleenton” via video. You got your tsunami in my fluff entertainment blah. P.S. Bill? I miss you desperately.

Here’s Claire Danes (Leonardo DiCaprio on camera: SWIG) and Topher Grace, who looks a little peaked. Mariska Hargitay gets a huge drunken cheer and I’m not sure why. Aaaaand she wins, that’s why. Isn't she someone famous's daughter?

And here's Catherine (sp?) Eastwood as this year's Globes Barbie. Claire and Topher are like, ANYWAY. Hee. A guy from Deadwood wins. Hey, isn't/wasn't the Veronica Mars girl--Kristen Bell--on that?

Cleolinda : Garner lost to Mariska Hargitay

Vladimir: oh FUCK
Vladimir: to who?

Cleolinda : someone on a crime show
Cleolinda : she's someone's daughter, I forget

Vladimir: whatthefuckever.
Vladimir: this awards show? vexing.
Vladimir: goddamn foreign film critics.

As we go out to commercial, Dustin Hoffman looks... very mellow. I'm just saying.

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