Cleolinda Jones (cleolinda) wrote,
Cleolinda Jones

I can't help--I really like the Ellen DeGeneres dancing commercial. I don't even remember what it's for; she just seems like someone I would enjoy hanging out with.

The announcer is very excited that Coach Carter is #1 at the box office this week. This is not a hard feat in January, y'all. Also, that's kind of rude to Jennifer Garner, whose Elektra movie is apparently tanking like a mofo. Samuel L. Jackson presents an Incredibles clip.

(Go back to the comments of the first entry for reader commentary on Her Cateness's excellent dress.)

Meryl Streep is also wayyyy mellow. She congratulates "Natalie," and there is a shot of Emmy Rossum (among many others) laughing at her. Wrong starlet, camera guy! There is a clip for some American Family movie that is about a lot of shouting. Also clips for Iron-Jawed Angels and The Life and Death of Peter Sellers, which I need to see--shit! I never saw the Glenn Close Lion in Winter! I LOVE THAT MOVIE! Shit. Here's Something the Lord Made, which I heard wasn't all that great, but does have Alan Rickman doing a Southern accent going for it. Peter Sellers wins. People no one cares about file up to the stage to accept. (I'm sorry, that's mean. If I'm ever involved in the wonderful world of movies, I will be one of those people, so I shouldn't talk.)

Some TV award. Goran Visnjic and Megan Mullally present. Wow, I remember when no one gave a shit who Zach Braff was. How far we all have come. Awww, they nominated Matt LeBlanc for Joey. That's so... kind of them. I bet Jason Bateman will win, because... well, he does. But I was going to say, "Because the rest of this lineup is kind of crappy." I think I was going to say that because I'm feeling exceptionally catty tonight--I don't even watch any of these shows, y'all, so how do I know?

Cleolinda : oh, it's Goran. Get your hate on*

Vladimir: X-(

*Look, it's a Croatian thing. Ask him. I think he's cute, myself.

JasonBatemansayssomuchandtalkssofastomgplzsendhelpmyearsarerunningover. Commercials--whew.
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