Cleolinda Jones (cleolinda) wrote,
Cleolinda Jones

It's Naomi Watts! Naomi! I love you! Ooo, I like her dress. (Given how I love everyone tonight, you'd think I'd been drinking.) And she's here to present the clip for Eternal Sunshine. Because she rocks.

Best Actor in a TV movie whatever thing. Oh God, it's "THE DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES!" Simmer down there, announcer. Maybe I'm crazy, but I watched a few episodes, and I do read the recaps, but... I just can't make myself stick with the show. It seems too aware of its own precociousness, if that makes any sense. Sort of like it thinks it's funnier than it actually is. I don't know--maybe it's gotten better since the first few episodes. Aww, Felicity Huffman is all excited about her husband's movie. And Marcia Cross does rock my socks and my face and my world, so... maybe I'll give it another shot. Hee! I didn't realize Patrick Stewart was in the new Lion in Winter. I have to see this now. Geoffrey Rush wins, because this movie is the Anointed TV Movie this year. You know how it goes. I think last year it was Angels in America. Turns into a steamroller, it does. Heeee--Rush is all like, "I have been carried up here on the shoulders of so many beautiful people," and proceeds to thank his hair and makeup people.

Speaking of Angels! Here's Al Pacino. I actually remember him and Meryl Streep being sooooo tooooasted last year. Here's a nom for Glenn Close in Lion in Winter. "Of course he's got a knife! WE'VE ALL GOT KNIVES!" I've got to see this. Awww, it's nice to see that Julianna Margulies is still getting work, too. Miranda Richardson, whose reddish curls are threatening to mutiny and take over her face, laughs at her own clip. Here's Hilary Swank's Iron-Jawed Angels clip. Also good to see her working--for a while, with that Affair of the Necklace movie that followed Boys Don't Cry, I was afraid she wasn't ever going to work again, either. Aaaand Glenn Close wins. Everyone is happy. She cries.

Mom comes upstairs, so I miss Close's speech. She is incensed that musicals and comedies are lumped together. I tell her that this is because there usually aren't any musicals, and there usually aren't that many really great comedies, so it's sort of the make-weight category. She is mad. I think she is rooting for Phantom of the Opera on some level. Also, she is really pissed that Lost just... well, lost. Woe.

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