Cleolinda Jones (cleolinda) wrote,
Cleolinda Jones

Mom is making banana bread and waiting for the Phantom and Aviator clips. Bless her, I think this is the most interested she's been in years. Also, she had no idea who Clive Owen was until I said, "You know, King Arthur!" "Ohhhhhhh! We like him!"

The commercial where the woman tries on dresses for her car (to the tune of "Dream On") creeps me out. I think I've written about that before, actually.

Aaaand Glenn Close has to turn right back around and present. And she thanks the HFPA belatedly. GET OFF THE STAAAAAGE. She presents a clip from Closer. ("Toad." "Frog." "Toad." "Frog." "Toad. Frog. Lobster. It's all the same.") The Lovely Emily saw it and basically said that it was good but all the characters were nastAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH IT'S EWAN! I LOVE YOU, EWAN! GET YOUR FILTHY MITTS OFF HIM, SCARLETT JOHANSSON! Scarlett is continuing in her Marilyn Monroe fixation, by the way. Best Foreign Film: Some French movie about a chorus. House of Flying Daggers (yay!). The Motorcycle Diaries. The Sea Inside. A Very Long Engagement (yay!). The Sea Inside wins. Well, dammit. I mean, I'm sure it's a fine film, but... dammit.

potatofishy has just brought up the point that Will Ferrell apparently said he hurt his eye in a boating accident. Not a voting accident. Oh. Well, I was kind of wondering...

More Dr. Pepper commercials. I really want... a Sprite right now.

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