Cleolinda Jones (cleolinda) wrote,
Cleolinda Jones

Minnie Driver presents the Phantom clip. I giggle through the whole clip. Notably, they don't let you hear any of the speaking or singing--just the overture over a badly-edited montage. WHEE. I THINK IT WILL WIN, DON'T YOU?

Screenplay. I LOVE YOU CHARLIE KAUFMAN! Also? Presenter Matthew McConaughey is way mellow. But then, it'd be more interesting if he weren't. Alexander Payne wins for Sideways. YOU WERE ROBBED, CHARLIE!

Actress TV comedy something. Three Desperate Housewives are nominated. That's just ridiculous, y'all. Also Debra Messing and Sarah Jessica Parker, but who cares? They're not HOUSEWIVES! And--WHAT? TERI HATCHER WINS? ARE YOU KIDDING ME? MARCIA CROSS IS GOING TO POISON HER AND BLOW HER UP AND DROP HER OFF A CLIFF. Oh, KimberBree. Woe.

Teri Hatcher is crying and giggling and says she couldn't have been a bigger has-been, and--y'all, that is so honest and perceptive, I hate to say it. But... yeah. Radio Shack commercials. Back from the brink of career oblivion, is Teri Hatcher. Also, she calls Eva Longoria "the young one who eats everything." What?

And Robin Williams is about to get a lifetime achievement award. He deserves it, but... I fear the mugging to ensue. Forecast? One hundred percent chance of ham.

Mom is way too excited about The Wedding Date. She's really, really excited about the guy Debra Messing hires--who is that, Dermot Mulroney? I mean, I know he's in it; I just wasn't paying attention to see if he's the date for hire.

Heeeee, the "I Would Do Anything For Love" commercial. If someone has that on MP3, could you to me?

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