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Couldn't sleep last night, so stayed up until the wee hours reading all of The Wide, Wide World (and let me tell you what--some of the stuff in this book is reeeeally weeeeird by modern standards. Like, Boone-Shannon quality stuff. Only totally not hot at all, because it involves a guy my age AND AN ELEVEN-YEAR-OLD GIRL). At least my class reading for the next two weeks is out of the way.

Assorted news and points of interest:

The Morgulito has landed! Not sure I like the paint job, though. Doesn't matter, because it's going straight to eBay; I can't afford to keep it as it is.

Buy-out offer for Webber empire? This means something. I'm not sure what, exactly. But something.

Thirty-four scandals worse than Watergate that, somehow, we don't seem to care about.

catvalente's new poetry collection is available for pre-order, and she's offering a guarantee of satisfaction backed by her own book collection.

Back to work it is...
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