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Various links while I take a break to eat lunch:

The worst idea for a movie EVER, starring way too many people we like.

Scans of Walt's comic book--in English! With OMGWTFPOLARBEAR icon courtesy of kassandra05!

Unca Neil talks more about his Beowulf project, which seems to involve some scary Polar Express-style motion capture. Sort of.

(Speaking of Beowulf movies, it looks like time spent watching Raoul toss his hair did not go in vain.)

Screen caps of the new Corpse Bride trailer, in which Claymation!Johnny is really, really cute.

Also, since Phantom of the Opera has officially opened wide in North America, this is the point where I beg you to go see it if you haven't already. COME ON. You know you want to see Boobzilla and the doggeh and the Missing Hanson Brother and Christine's daddy issues and the Dread Pirate Roberts Corps de Ballet. It's gorgeous eye candy reasonably well executed, and everything is either really good or really hilarious, so really, everyone wins. Take your friends and go out for drinks afterwards. Hell, y'all might run into each other, if you notice people laughing inappropriately at just the right places. And look at these icons. They are begging you. You don't want to disappoint them, do you?


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