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Actually getting somewhere with "Attack of the Clones," thank God. Have been listening to Avril Lavigne all day while writing, which--look, shut up, okay? If it works for me, it works for me. And don't front, "My Happy Ending" is pretty catchy. Besides, I can't resist a song that starts out with the lines, "Let's talk this over. It's not like we're dead." Say what? Way to borrow trouble there, Av.

Points of interest:

The Directorium--a fannish Wiki "to provide a structured, searchable and easily updatable directory of fannish sites for nearly all fandoms and media (fanfic, fanart, vids, zines, archives, screencaps, scripts, etc.)." Not much there at the moment, so those of you with Wiki-editing experience may want to get over there and help out.

A guide on How to Write Good. I know it made me a better writer...

Neil Gaiman is gracious about The Other Beowulf, because he is Neil and that is what he does. *luff*

Question for those of you familiar with the Star Wars universe: Why does Obi-Wan hate flying? He spends most of AOTC being like, "I hate flying! I hate flying anyway, but [your driving] is suicide! ACK, meteors! I HATE FLYING!" The hell? You'd think a prequel would clear up something, not add a new mystery.

Sigh. Taking a dinner break now. Thank God all my Wide, Wide World reading is done for tomorrow. Now all I have to do is wash and dry some clothes while I hammer out some Anakin temper tantrums...

ETA: God, my jaw hurts. I think I've been sitting here too long.
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