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Today's horoscope: Tall, dark and gorgeous may not walk directly into your life -- but they're definitely due to stroll by. Be sure you've got your number handy, and don't hesitate to pass it on.

It's the perfect day to be you. The entire planet is feeling excessive, extravagant and out of control in at least one department. So for once, no one will question you when you start overdoing something. At least one something. Better enjoy it while it lasts, because in a day or so, this will wear off, and you'll have to learn to live with everyone being an old fuddy-duddy again. Well, you'll still be having fun ....

My idea of excess today was, "Oh, shit, am I talking too much in class?"

(Re: "Tall, dark and gorgeous": Damn, like I need to be told twice. Except that I have a feeling this would be a [semi-?] professional contact, not a hook-up. Like, someone incredibly awesome and famous reads one of my "Fifteen Minutes" and falls head over heels for my wit and charm [shut up, I like my daydreams]. OMG CALL ME. *phone fingers*)

Mom had some freshly-fried bacon left over from a quiche she was making (why I was not invited to partake of the quiche, I do not know. It may have involved broccoli, and she just knows better than to play that, I guess), so I made a mess of cheese eggs and took a couple of years off my life and had a party.

I went ahead and emailed the three 15M samples that I'd finished--LOTR, Matrix, and AOTC--because the whole thing was dragging on way too long. (Hey, three outta four ain't bad.) Apparently they went over really well, but they do want a fourth, and they'd like it to be a non-genre movie. And here I was thinking that I could rustle up four pages of Harry Potter, you know? So Gladiator and Titanic were suggested, and Titanic has a fair amount of work done on it, so--okay. The only problem is that I'd finally gotten myself into the Star Wars mindset, and now I have to drag myself out of it and get situated in Titanic. It's almost like--it's a perspective you have to get into. You have to have an eye for all the contradictions and absurdities and plot holes. I think that's one of the reasons Phantom was so easy to write--I'd already written a few journal entries ragging on it, not to mention the fact that it's a movie that wears its absurdities on its sleeve, and proudly. Subtle movies are harder. Not that Titanic is subtle, but--well, you have to get yourself back into the mindset of each movie. So... yeah.


Congratulations to allthelivesofme!

I read this over breakfast this morning and it made me cry with laughter. And at least I now know what the Mary Roach/Guilbeaux thing is about. I actually happened to walk through the kitchen while my parents were watching the show, and she was squealing "I Feel the Earth Move," and seriously, I just assumed she was garden-variety bad. That's how big a horror I have of the early schadenfreude episodes of AI every season. I just assume ALL the contestants are minions of Tsathoggua the Great and Terrible (IA! IA! WILLIAM HUNG FHTAGN!).

If you didn't check out The Directorium before, take another look--it seems to be growing by leaps and bounds, and I think it'll be a huge fannish resource once it gets going.

Which pleasingly airbrushed castaway are you most like? (Thanks, brenah!) (ETA: "You’re Jack. Take a break from being perfect." Oh, suck it, TV Guide.)

I've only seen a few eps of Alias, but... awww, poor Michael Vartan.

Another LOTR parody .gif--I'm starting to really love these things. Who makes them?

J. Lo's new marriage is on the rocks. Again. Are you surprised?



George W. Bush / FAHRENHEIT 9/11
Colin Farrell / ALEXANDER

Oscar nominations tomorrow, whee! (apocalypsos, what time are they on?)
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