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Just when I thought I'd gotten rid of that eyestrain tic in my right lower eyelid, I've picked up a new one just below my left eyebrow. The hell?

I take that back: here comes the right eye again.

Luncheon linkspam! Including Lost icons, publishing scams, Pirates of the Caribbean 2, and three words I never, ever want to see cozied up together again.

More Dada spam:

In Norway we have a silly little man.
He's married to our princess.
When their daughter was born he told the media he "felt very manly,he wanted to kill a bear or chop a stone with an ax".
He writes teeny, tiny ridiculous books that everyone mocks.

His name is Ari. Ari Behn.
I'm... happy for you?

"Michael Jackson Jury to See 'Erotic' Material." Please don't ever use "erotic" in the same sentence as "Michael Jackson" ever, ever again.

A lengthy (but readable) article on the Publish America brouhaha (hit to bypass the registration). Basically, Publish America is a vanity publisher that won't admit to it--it doesn't charge you anything upfront, after all, but it does hold onto your work for seven years--and insists that it's a "traditional publisher" despite operating in no way like any other publishing house I've ever heard of. (aperrin2 tipped me off to the latest link on Teresa Nielsen Hayden's blog.)

I would like to add that I have heard of writers going to vanity presses and then selling the books themselves--I forget which writer it was, but I want to say he's a black gay romance novelist (see why that stuck in my mind?) who originally sold his self-published books out of the trunk of his car at beauty salons before he got picked up by a "real" publisher. Or, as the article itself says, "A recent example: Suzanne Hansen set up a company to print and distribute her You'll Never Nanny in This Town Again! When she and her sister had managed to peddle 4,000 copies -- a big hit in these circles -- they sent mass e-mails to publishers and agents. Crown acquired the book last month for what Hansen's agent calls 'a good six figures.'"

So I don't see any reason to look down on someone who self-publishes, as long as they understand what they're doing--that it's just another way of getting their work out there, perhaps a stepping stone to a better deal. It's not going to make them rich and famous, no matter what these scam artists tell them.

Dear Jessica Simpson: I have made a sandwich for you. It has ham and turkey and three kinds of cheese. Please eat it, because your ribs look sharp.

Gypsy Queen of the Caribbean: Ooo, I like Naomie Harris.

Fantastic Four? Penny Arcade can film it for twenty bucks.

"It's totally me. Woof" icons!

Best. Smackdown. Ever.

Also, I just saw screen caps from a new Sin City trailer that's just stunning. I don't want to completely kill this girl's bandwidth, but they're at cap_it, if you really want to see them; I can't get a workable download link for the trailer itself. The only thing I could say for like five minutes was "OMFG CLIVE OWEN." That, and I'm actually beginning to understand why people find Jessica Alba attractive. I've just gotten really, really excited about this movie, because it's actually trying to do something different--be faithful to its source material, not just in content but in visual style. I've never read the comics/graphic novels/whatevers in question, but I do know that I would have killed for an adaptation of League of Extraordinary Gentlemen made by people who said, "You know what? Let's rip this bitch off the page and put it straight up on the screen." God, I only hope someone puts this much care someday into adapting something I've written. Sin City doesn't look like just another LA neo-noir, ho-hum in its same-old-same-old twistiness. It looks like a completely different world.

(These are two caps from the trailer juxtaposed, by the way. Yes, they actually show you snippets of the original artwork. Here are a few more I put together, in lieu of a viable download. Again, caps are by bentfire at cap_it.)

P.S. What the FUCK is Scary Yellow Troll Nick Stahl supposed to be?
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