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ROTK, second time

Just saw the movie again with my mother (she liked it, which is impressive given that she still doesn't know half the characters' names). A few notes:

  • I am pleased to report that Gimli does not, in fact say, "We're coming with you, Ari." He actually says, "We're coming with you, laddie." And thank God for that, because... Ari, y'all.
  • I got teary at entirely different places this time. ROTK: the gift that keeps on giving you the sniffles, like the geek-loser you are.
  • Note to the Noble Collection: Please begin manufacturing a replica of Arwen's new crown ASAP. My mother wants one, and Christmas is almost upon us. Chop-chop!
  • Note to the Academy: please nominate the score. The part with the beacons being lit is just amazing, and it's all because of the music.
  • Note to parents: Small children do not belong at this movie. I don't know who brought Shrieky McToddler to see the giant hell-spider, but get her out. NOW.
  • Note to three teenage boys in back of theater: Groaning "Ughhhhhhhhhh!" the moment we cut from Grey Havens back to the Shire is annoying. But proclaiming loudly to someone on your cell phone outside afterwards that "the whole theater went, like, 'Ughhhhhhhhhh!'" is simply untruthful. It was just you, dicksmack.
  • Note to self: Morning shows are awesomely uncrowded, unless you actually wanted audience interaction, in which case you are screwed.
  • Note to Persistent Clapper in the Fifth Row from the Back: You shoulda been at the 2:45 Wednesday, man. Hollering "GET SOME, SAM!" was totally acceptable--nay, required--at that first showing. Here on Monday morning, you and your catcalls are all alone.
  • Note to theater management: Look, I'm sorry "Into the West" isn't good enough for you, but I really don't appreciate being forced to listen to "O Tannenbaum" the moment THE END appears onscreen.

Just as a point of interest, since I've put pages like this together before--would anyone be interested in a Scenes That Will Be on the EE feature? I have all the stills on my hard drive, after all.

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