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Sweet dreams are made of this

Reposted from my old Easyjournal:

You know what really blows? I mean, really, really blows? When you wake up way too early so you go back to bed and that's usually when you have the most vivid dreams , so you're dreaming about these twelve brothers with a sister, and you become friends with the sister, who for some reason has the same name as the main character in your new story, and some of the older brothers are pretty hot, so you end up going with her and them and their parents to some kind of "meet," and it looks like it's going to be a soccer meet from the way they're dressed, but when you get there it turns out to be some sort of classical band competition, only then you and Rose Hannah (don't ask) are sitting there in pews, and you're writing down your email address for her, but "the show" is starting, and it's like this really weird Gothic talent show, but not like coffee shop Goths, like Mary Shelley Goth, and it's really creepy, and some woman who seems to be part of the show but it sitting in front of you turns around and totally slimes on this pillow from your bed that you're holding, and the slime turns into a map, and somehow you and Rose Hannah are now part of this weird Goth mystery show and you have to club some monster to death with the rigging, and gradually the "show" turns into some kind of "We have slain the monster! Hosanna!" church service the brothers' parents are running, only now this white, red-headed family has a black preacher for a father, which even strikes you in the dream as weird--hell, Rose Hannah even looks a little confused--but then Halle Berry is up there singing a hymn and that, for some reason, explains everything, or maybe it's just that you don't want to say anything and risked getting shushed, which is something Nicole Kidman on the other side of you has no problem doing--she's just chattering away, like, "You remember that time you and Halle and I stayed in that hotel?," and you're like, "What?," and Nicole's like, "You know, that time? We were camped out there for, like, weeks with Viggo Mortensen!," and you're like, "Oh yeah! That time," and the dream is getting sort of slow and logy like maybe you're waking up or your sister has turned the AC off again, which wakes you up also, but you know, that sorta kinda waking state is really good for lucid dreaming, you know, semi-consciously controlling what happens in your dream, so, you know, rock on, and Viggo Mortensen is now on your other side instead of Rose Hannah, and he's like, "What's she saying?," like, What is crazy Nicole Kidman making up about me now?, and you're like, "You know, that hotel room?," and he's all like, "What?," and you're all like, "You know, that time? We were there for, like, weeks," and he's all like, "Ohhhh, I remember that," and then THE SMOKE ALARM GOES OFF because apparently THE POWER HAS GONE OFF while you were sleeping BUT NOW IT IS BACK ON, GODDAMMIT, and you open your eyes and think, Goddammit, that is almost as bad as the dream I had--what, something like ten years ago? Jesus, I'm getting old--where I was making out with Keanu Reeves in a bed with white sheets, man, those sheets were so white, the room was white, everything was white, white white white, and I'm thinking, "Why the hell am I thinking about white sheets? I'm making out with Keanu Reeves, for chrissakes!," and then my REAL fucking BED COLLAPSED for NO GOOD REASON, and I was flung towards my night table and the corner of it nearly took my eye out? Like, I literally came to a stop with the corner of the table pressing the bridge of my nose? Yeah, that SUCKED, because yeah, this SUCKS, and you'll never be able to find out what the fuck you and Nicole Kidman and Halle Berry and Viggo Mortensen were doing in a hotel room for weeks (!), goddammit. Man, you hate it when that happens.
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