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Scenes missing from theatrical ROTK

In the spirit of previous features I've done like this over at the Digest, I've started to compile a list of links to stills from scenes that may (or may not) make it into the EE. If you know of any others, leave a comment with a link to the picture(s). Once the list is polished up a bit, I'll put it on a Digest page with thumbnails.

Sources: AICNTORN has since refuted the Gamling death scene and cheap FX rumors. Pictures:,,,

Frodo and Sam at the Crossroads

the statue

the woods

the crown of flowers

Decipher: "Cross Roads"

Decipher: "Northern Ithilien"


Saruman and Wormtongue

Decipher: "Manager of Wizards"

Legolas aims (Caption translation: "I kill him?")

Gandalf (Caption translation: "I have never coveted your power, Saruman.")

Wormtongue’s dagger

Saruman with staff

Saruman on the top of Orthanc?

Saruman spiked


Trailer: “He has gone unchallenged long enough”




Trailer: “We will see the Shire again”




Merry pledges allegiance to Theoden

trailer shot


from the official site

Decipher: "Merry's Sword"

Decipher: "Merry, Rohirrim Squire"

in silhouette


More palantir scenes

AICN: Following his acceptance of Anduril from Elrond, Aragorn uses the Palantir to reveal himself to Sauron. Sauron shows him a vision of Arwen’s sickness. This stuff was used instead during the dream sequence just before Elrond arrives at Dunharrow in the theatrical cut.

Aragorn with palantir


Legolas at the Muster of the Rohirrim?

near Edoras?


Update: Turns out the answer to the question, "Where the HELL did those purple dress Arwen pictures come from??" has been on the back of an ROTK Topps card (thanks, eBay!) the whole time: she's asking Elrond to take Anduril to Aragorn.
Arwen and Elrond 



“You have given away your grace”

Arwen on bridge

Elrond walking away


Arwen embracing Elrond

The dress seems to indicate that it's related to the dream Aragorn has of Arwen dying.




Pippin seated in Minas Tirith

waiting on something?


Paths of the Dead HoYay!

walking away from entrance?

Aragorn upset, Legolas in background

patented shoulder clasp

looking back

inside the paths: the hell?

is this sort of like the vat of balls at the Chuck E. Cheese? Update: Here we go, Viggo Mortensen alluding to what the hell is going on here (skip down to his section, first question).


Gandalf and Pippin face the Nazgul:

official site desktop

DVD shot


Pippin and Gandalf (may not be related)

AICN: Remember the scene in which the Witch King is asked what he’s going to do with Gandalf, and he says I will break him? This pays off big time in a battle between the Witch King and Gandalf as Gandalf and Pippin ride to save Faramir from the pyre. At the end of the battle, the Witch King breaks Gandalf’s staff and then the Rohirrim turn up and the Witch King gets distracted.


Eomer weeping

trailer shot

We’re not sure yet over whom, although Gamling has been mentioned as a possibility. Looking at a large version of the image, I really think he’s holding Eowyn (note the hair color and texture—wow, that was hugely geeky, sorry about that), who would be lying over Theoden, and thus he’s lost his entire family at one blow. I’d cry, too.


Pippin and Merry on the battlefield

A more action-oriented shot than what we saw, which was Pippin just finding Merry under an orc.


Orc disguise

Frodo and Sam hiding

AICN: A disguised Frodo and Sam join a column of marching orcs on the way to Mt Doom. Their master is a ferocious orc captain with a whip. Remember the line heard over the sweeping shot of the orcs marching down through Mordor right after the Cirith Ungol sequence? That’s him, yelling Come on you slugs!


Aragorn approaches the throne




Houses of Healing

Aragorn heals Faramir

Aragorn talks with Eowyn
Update: I argued on a previous ROTK page that this was in Edoras, and one of the commenters below pointed this out, too, but I'd given up under the deluge of people insisting it was the Houses of Healing. For what it's worth, this message appeared on the Alley Cat Scratch costume mailing list today:
I was watching this documentary "A Quest Fulfilled: The Director's Vision" by New Line Cinema Production today on local Singapore TV (Arts Central) when they showed the scene where Eowyn's Ice Blue Coat was from. It IS in Edoras. Eowyn was sleeping on the long bed in the Golden Hall when Aragorn approached her and wake her up.
Make of that what you will.


Eowyn and Faramir: No pictures at this time.
Update: Interesting bit I ran across today (1/06/04). Remember those "Force of Hobbit" articles E!Online did monthly, wayyy back in the day before FOTR came out? I came across this in a repost of a Dec. 2000 article at Herr der Ringe</a>: "We catch Miranda Otto (Rohan princess Eowyn) just before she's whisked away to film her wedding scene with Faramir (David Wenham)." So a wedding was filmed... (P.S. If you dig behind-the-scenes stuff, read the article--the days the reporter visited, they were filming the coronation and Faramir's mission back to Osgiliath.)


Sam holding Sting

Somewhere on the plains of Gorgoroth


The Mouth of Sauron

my rather dodgy scan of the MOS page from Weapons and Warfare

AICN: He rides out to show the heroes Frodos mithril vest, recently stolen by the orcs at Cirith Ungol, and to let them know that Frodo is dead and the ring is on its way to Sauron. Aragorn believes him, and the heroes despair. Going into battle at the Black Gates, the heroes have no hope at all it’s their last stand for sure, and Aragorn’s line for Frodo refers to his sacrifice, not to buying time.





Pictures that have never appeared in the films:


alternate Arwen costume for Trollshaw (FOTR)

Arwen in Rivendell (FOTR)

Arwen in Rivendell (FOTR)

Arwen at Helm’s Deep

Arwen at Helm's Deep

Arwen at Helm's Deep


Rivendell and Lorien?

Craig Parker mentions a "council" in Lorien that leads to the elves going to Helm's Deep on the TTT EE. These stills may be related to that (and not part of ROTK).

Arwen and Galadriel 



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