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Dear Sender of English Chocolate Bars: Thank you thank you thank you thank you I love you squee! That is all.

More fun for y'all: 99 Sin City bases/icons. Many of them are different versions of the same image, but still: a pretty good selection. If I missed someone you wanted, let me know and I'll dig through what I've got. Take/want/have, alter, animate 'em together, be creative, have a party (but no hotlinking).

General linkspam:

New pics from Batman Begins, Harry Potter, and Star Wars. (More Batman pics here.)

There is now actually an Wikipedia-style encyclopedia entry on "My hed iz pastede on yay" (complete with original photo manip!), in case you've ever wondered what it means. I like to give myself credit for helping popularize the phrase with the Crystalwank metaquotes I did on Journalfen... and then I get over myself.

Yeah, I bet Michael Jackson feels "ill." I would too, if I had a lot of time on my hands to contemplate what would happen to me in prison.

In similar news, Paul Shanley gets 12-15 years for the Catholic priest sex abuse scandal. Lawyers estimate that he'll last 12-15 minutes in general population before he gets shanked.

Because Starsky & Hutch did so well.

Dear Usher: STFU.

Johnny Depp frightens children as Wonka. NO, REALLY?


Keira Knightley stars in a movie about a model-turned-bounty hunter that's based on a true story. Only problem is, the real Domino is a lesbian. And she doesn't like the film's "raunchy [heterosexual] sex scenes." In other news, advance ticket sales just shot up 1000%.

The Amazing Race's Jonathan and Victoria will be on a Dr. Phil special tonight. One can only hope that Phil beats him to death with his own bottle of hair gel. (Actually, I'd like to see Host Phil turn up to help out with that.)

Back to work it is! I wonder what reading I have due for tomorrow...

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