Cleolinda Jones (cleolinda) wrote,
Cleolinda Jones

This and that

Quickie: You may not know what to do until the time comes. That's no reason to worry.

Horoscope of Irony: Enabling my general haplessness since 2004.

Overview: You thought you'd simply go to work, get your work done and go home. Your coworkers, however, have decided that this is a fine time to kid you about a recent occurrence. Fortunately, your sense of humor includes yourself.

Daily extended: When and if you actually make it into work, you'll probably be greeted by more than one smug smirk, especially if your colleagues know who you've been spending your time with -- and especially because you're more guilty of ribbing the others than anyone is. After that, however, a surprise pile of work will arrive, and you'll be too busy too gloat. Well, almost too busy. You can probably work in a few smirks during breaks, and more than a few at lunch.

Dear Horoscope: If you persist in treating me like the village bicycle, at least make sure that I GET some action. Yours truly, etc.

I love how you can pay for "extra cheese" and end up getting "even less cheese than usual."


Sister Girl needs help with her take-home midterm tonight. It's a 500-750 word essay on... her values. My midterm? Is on Uncle Tom's Cabin. Shut it, cooking school "midterm."

Feel remarkably more relaxed lately. I think this has a lot to do with the massive amounts of Valentine chocolate surging through my system.

I think I may get out to see a movie this weekend. Given the sorry state of theatrical releases at the moment, I'm debating between seeing Phantom of the Opera a second time (guaranteed good time) or taking the chance that Constantine will be gloriously awful (possible "Fifteen Minutes" fodder, but ONLY if I'm productive this week. No begging!).

Maybe McDonald's wouldn't hit it after all?

Why would McDonalds, or an associated ad company, want everyone on the Internet to think McDonalds is run by idiots? Because there's no such thing as bad publicity, and when everyone's talking about your company, no matter what they're saying, that's supposedly good. (Tell that to the folks at Enron and Arthur Anderson…)

But yeah, while I didn't link to it because everyone else was, I did point out the "I'd Hit It" ad to everyone at work, and now I feel like a corporate dupe. Not that it matters — I neither ate nor sought out inanimate, edible sexual partners at McDonalds before the ad campaign, and I still don't — but I feel successfully manipulated, and almost as slimy as if I had engaged in improper activities with a hamburger.


P.S. Mischa Barton is not cool. But thanks for playing.

Off to help Sister Girl and then do my class reading...
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