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msauvage purple
I forgot! Here is your entry to discuss Lost until I finish the recap. Enjoy.

Enjoying as we speak....GO BOAR!

Heh. I think it really did just want to go camping.


Seriously, though. Where was Snickerbitch? She has been largely absent, and I kinda miss When Hors Attack, myself.

I loved Sayid teasing Sawyer....*LOL*

That was one of my favorite parts of the episode. "Maybe it wanted to go camping." Heh.

Hee - It's Kate the Migty Huntress! (grr)

Painful drinking game....

Some of my worst hangovers in college were the fault of that game and a bottle of Sloe Gin...

(Deleted comment)
I was just playing I Never with kate and sawyer

Lmao at that, and at your icon.

Man I love Hurley.

Until he rises from the dead indeed.

MAN am I the ONLY one who thought it looked like that body bag was moving? Me and my Roommate were SCREAMING because we thought we saw breathing.

Just waiting for Charlie and Hurley to start beating it with their shovels.

(Deleted comment)
One of my favorite scenes so far. Sayid is certainly amusing this episode.

And Hurley! Yay.

Kate and Sawyer playing I Never... *rolls eyes so hard they stick*

*cracks up* I was shouting JUST DO IT! the whole time....

West Coast. :-( It's only 5:40. Not on til 8:00. I'm not gonna look at the comments! I promise!

ARG my tape cut out forty minutes in. By the time I got the second tape in, I'd missed the scene with JackDad.


Was that new or from the 1 episode I missed?

waaah - I don't wanna feel SORRY for Sawyer! I don't wanna LIKE him. They've spoiled my righteous annoyance with pretty pond scum. How DARE they!!

::pant pant::

I said the same thing! Though, by the end, I was back to righteous annoyance, thank god.

Is anyone else annoyed that the previews implied a Jack/Sawyer armed faceoff that never actually happened?

Not that I especially WANTED them to be fighting over Miss Kate, but I really hate being misled like that.

have any of the previews ever steered us right? Anything can be implied with the right edit.

I don't understand who Frank the Shrimp Man is...although I did miss the first 15 minutes as I forgot it was Wednesday at 8 pm.

Best line: "That's why the Red Sox will never win the World Series." That has to be significant later, since they totally DID.

Also, I just noticed that this is all filmed in Oahu, Hawaii. Haha.

((spoiler warning for other people. Just in case. LOL))

The guy who gave Sawyer the information about the con man? Frank owed that guy money. But the guy didn't want to go to Australia himself and possibly get in trouble for killing him, so he set up Sawyer to do it.


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