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Horoscope of Irony, Perhaps: It's a fine day to be a Sag [damn, it's good to be a gangsta]. The heavens are urging the whole world to be just as excessive, lavish and extravagant as you always seem to be. You'll help, too -- by showing us how it's done.

They say Sagittarians are lucky -- all the time. You, of course, may have something different to say about that in general, but for the next few weeks -- and for today, in particular -- you'll definitely have your share. Expect your luck to arrive through amazing situations, coincidental meetings and odd circumstances. Oh, and remember: there really is no such thing as a coincidence.

How's the weather up my ass, horoscope?

Star Wars finished. Rewarded self with raisin-and-hazelnut chocolate bar. Mmmmmhazelnuts.

Speaking of which: new Episode III posters.

Teh Squish reviews Ray, Hotel Rwanda, and The Aviator.

Heeee, Puppet Angel. I never watched the show, but still: hee.

Several fun things to pre-order at Amazon, if you'd like to help out while you're at it:

A Sin City making-of book! Now I just have to buy all the graphic novels as well;

A three-disc Phantom of the Opera DVD coming out in May, apparently in addition to one- and two-disc versions;

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, if you haven't ordered that yet;

The eventual Lost first season DVD set, coming out (I believe) this summer?

Your Love Number is


You are a peaceful person, and you tend to have calm, stable relationships.
Connecting deeply is another skill of yours, and you tend to know lovers well.
Trusting and laid back, you are an easy person to love.
Love can be a little blinding for you, so open your eyes a little more!

Believe it or not, this is true. A lot of my humor is based around the CAPSLOCK OF RAGE AND/OR HYSTERIA, I know, but that's basically something I do in writing because I'm not like that in person. I hate arguments, fights, yelling, all that jazz in real life... which I finally realized that y'all might not know just from reading my journal. So... The More You Know (ding!).
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