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So yesterday was my mother's birthday. (And my aunt's birthday. And Vladimir's mother's birthday. And the Lovely Emily's mother's birthday. And bibliotech's mother's birthday. UNHOLY NEXUS OF HAPPY MOMMY BIRTHDAYS.) We went out for dinner and came home for roulage and George went ahead and gave her his presents, one of which was a giant rotisserie oven. My mother was thrilled, which was one of those "Yeah, maybe I won't turning into my mother" moments. Because... yeah. But she and Sister Girl are all about the culinary arts and such, so yay for them.

Today is the traditional Family Birthday Lunch--it's my mother's sister's birthday also, as previously mentioned (this is Aunt Awesome). The weird thing is that they were born on the same day--but five years apart. So today all the rest of the presents will be exchanged, and there will be barbecue (...again. That's a sigh you hear me suppressing, because I'm not so much about the barbecue), and then it's back to the comedy mines for me. I have hopes of finishing Lord of the Rings this weekend, however, since there's already soooo much done on it, and I would be able to check so much off.

Midterm is on Monday. We already have the question, so we can research it and outline what we want to say--we only have about forty-five minutes to write, and the professor was like, "Look, seriously, I'm giving you this ahead of time so I'll get better answers." Respect.

This and that:

DAMMIT! I went to look at the POTO DVD pre-order on Amazon again, and they've revised the number of discs down from 3 to 2. AHHHHHHH! YOU TEASE ME SO!

High quality Hitchhiker trailer--51 mbs, feel the downloading burn.

For those of you who skipped the Lost recap--either because you don't care about Lost or you're avoiding spoilers--I have to repost the funniest thing ever: cathybites was able to confirm for us with screen caps that Josh Holloway (Sawyer!) is the punk who steals Alicia Silverstone's backpack in that Aerosmith video, "Cryin'." And then gets pwned by Alicia in, like, the crotch. Oh dear.
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