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Horoscope of Irony: Today will present the opportunity to laugh loud and often. Seize it. Wow! That was so true! Particularly if, by "laugh loud," you mean "sleep feverishly"! And how!

I'm getting better, though. Still, it took me three days to finish this post, and it's still not much more than a random collection of thoughts.

Song I am currently stuck on: "The Killing Moon," Echo and the Bunnymen. It's a lot less creepy and more listenable than I remember it being.

Question: I have a new plotbunny I'm chasing around my head--basically, I muse on it at night just before I fall asleep, and sometimes in the shower--and while it must remain sekrit for now, I'm wrestling with a name for a character. There are, as you may know, some very specific nicknames for many Hispanic names. Like "Charo" for Rosario (like, a major piece of the universe slipped into place for me today when I read that). Is there one for Mercedes? I could just about swear I've seen one before, and I'm not just talking about, "Oh, you could call her 'Mercy' for short." I'm talking about a specific, traditional nickname. Anyone know?

Stolen from everyone:

Ten Things I've Done Others Might Not Have

Ordered mojitos while watching VH1 at the bar... IN HAVANA;

Met David Sedaris twice ("Oh, it's you two again");

Been on the cover of a magazine (I was four, it was a Women's Missionary Union mag);

[Hometown] City Spelling Bee Champion 1990, reprazent!;

Finished two novels before the age of 16 and sent them to publishing houses and never heard back about them, which is probably for the best because they were awful;

Failed a semester final in trig/pre-cal;

Received five fan letters when I was a sophomore in high school ("Dear [My Name], I read your story in Merlyn's Pen. Actually I didn't like it that much, but my teacher said I had to write to someone in the magazine");

Been driven home by a random bartender on New Year's Eve/Day;

Taken an AP test during an actual tornado, while everyone else in the school was huddled in the basement;

Had dinner in a Chinese restaurant on Chinese New Year... IN HAVANA. (Yeah, we're back to Havana. I ran out of stuff, y'all).

New Harry Potter pics! Fleur! Krum! Cedric!

edda quoted something interesting this morning--"I'm afraid to scare off my demons, lest my angels take flight as well." I don't know who said it, either, but it made me think of Hunter S. Thompson.

Ladies and gentlemen, I bring you: Gizoogle. I ran one of my "uhhhhhh, sick" entries through it, to the hilarity of all. (Warning: it randomizes each time, so you may not get "Current Mood: S-to-tha-ICK" the way I did). Also, it translated y'all's comments ("F-R-to-tha-izzom: edda Date: February 21st, 2005 - 08:27 am Re tizzle icon: oh, yes. Knizzow exactly wizzle you mizzle." Edda? You wizzled my what?).

Note about performing "Phantom of the Opera in Fifteen Minutes" or any other 15M: I've had about four or five requests to do POTO/15M now, so I probably need to say this where folks at large can see it: at this point in time, I have no problem with people performing stuff that has already been posted online. If someone points out a reason why I shouldn't let people do it, I'll rethink that, but for now, it just seems like a really awesome thing to do and a good way to get my work seen by more people, so rock on. In fact, if you need to trim it down for time or substitute more family-friendly words, let me know and I can give you some suggestions, because 1) I wrote it, so I'm probably going to have a good idea of how it works structurally, right?, and 2) I do not want to see a repeat of "Oh, poopy." But here's what I want from you:

1. I am assuming that you are not making a profit from this performance. If your school variety show is raising money, that's fine, because God knows schools could use more of that.

2. I need you to credit me in print. The most obvious choice here is the program. "By Cleolinda Jones." "Adapted for the stage by [Your Name] from 'Phantom of the Opera in Fifteen Minutes' by Cleolinda Jones."

3. Send me that program. Basically, I want it for my records, because God knows I'll never remember the details on my own. That, and having it would be frickin' awesome. My PO box is in my user info.

4. Send me a video of the performance. It doesn't have to be terribly high quality; if you can digitize it and send it on CD instead of VHS, that's awesome (and less cumbersome for you to send), but I mean, it can be a crappy tape. I don't really care. I just want to see how it was performed, because OMG how awesome is that?

And with that, I am off to forage for dinner and do my class reading, leaving tomorrow completely open for hot, nasty, all-LOTR parody action.

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