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All right, we're getting ready to rumble. I'm taking a shower and getting something to eat and very likely skipping the Barbara Walters show because... "Interviews with actors Jamie Foxx, Will Ferrell and Teri Hatcher." Yeah, I totally don't care, and I'm going to be typing for 4 hours +. Therefore, my blogging will begin here at 7:00 pm (CST) with the ABC red carpet coverage, and if anything should happen to LJ, I'll be over on my Greatest Journal. This is a journal I generally keep private and don't use much, but if LJ misbehaves, I will be posting publicly there as a back-up.

Here's my predictions entry at Hedging of the Bets entry, as opposed to the Pick to Win entry over at Yahoo. (The group is "Daily Digest," if you're looking for it. Here's jedi_funk's group over at Yahoo, password "natalie.")
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