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Nnnnnngh. Burlap... bag... beaten with... reeds.... nnnngharrrrr. I was up for another couple of hours trying to read comments after that last entry, mostly because I can't just fall straight into bed after several hours of tension and/or excitement; I have to unwind for a while. Also, I did laundry. And I still got a good seven hours of sleep. It's just something about sitting there and having to be on for that long--desperately trying to be witty on the fly.

And then there were the comments. Lots and lots of comments.

Those are just the comments from the entries I forgot to turn off email notification for. So I went through and tried to read as many as I could--I'm going back through and re-enabling notification as well. But there were probably 1000+. Rest assured, however, that I read everything that was there as of midnight last night.

Wing and Sars from TWOP also blogged the Oscars (for Yahoo), but the headline "near-real-time blow-by-blow" on TWOP makes me think they fudged a bit.

Horoscope of the Day: In order to appreciate the value of winning, you have to lose sometimes.

Oh, you've got to be kidding me. Vladimir is still heartbroken over The Aviator losing last night, whereas I still can't believe it beat out Snicket for costumes and Snicket AND Phantom for set design. And I was rooting for The Aviator.

But that's okay, because I woke up in a world where Cate Blanchett has an Oscar, and that's a better world than yesterday's.

Link from sunshine95: The E! Backstage Blog:
9:40 p.m.: "I've been looking forward to this all evening." Best Supporting Actress winner Cate Blanchett says as she faces the press, and I think she's being facetious. And then she turns her back on the press and quaffs a drink, and I know she's not being facetious.

9:47 p.m: Blanchett, on whether the Oscar will turn her into a diva: "Absolutely, you asshole!"

9:49 p.m.: Blanchett wraps her press conference, but not her thirst. "Can I get back to the champagne now?" she says as she heads off.
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