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Two follow-ups on the previous entry:

Re: beignets. The problem with dating, rooming with, or being related to someone who writes anything intended to be funny is that you are inevitably going to get the short end of the stick in terms of the way you're portrayed, because... let's face it: it's not funny when things go right. My sister is actually a much better cook than the stories I tell about her would indicate, unfortunately. For example, she has made excellent fajitas (for dinner last night), cherry cheesecake with almond biscotti crust, tons of cakes that disappear in two days, blackberry cobbler with lemon cream, homemade salsa, duck l'orange ("Chef Whoever said my sauce was the best!"), fruit dessert pizza, truckloads of omelettes, napoleons that her boyfriend and I actually fought over, and beignets that did not, in fact, try to conquer the known universe. But things that turn out well aren't funny, so you don't hear much about them.

The thing about cooking and learning to cook--as my aunt, who recently got the same degree at the same college that my sister's getting, will tell you--is that you're bound to mess something up, try something that doesn't work, or have something blow up in your face through no fault of your own. Cooks, unlike writers, don't have the luxury of being able to revise--it either works or it doesn't, and if it doesn't, they have to start all over. There's no backspace on beergnets, let me tell you what. So please, don't get the wrong impression, because I don't want to die.

Re: accents. I was talking about accents with some folks last night and made some joke about not coming over to my LJ and saying, "So, you guys, which accents do you think are really hot?" But in the course of the conversation, two things kept coming up:

1. Of all accents, everyone loves Scottish.

2. Almost no one finds any American accent, with perhaps an exception or two, to be the least bit attractive.

Since there are a lot of y'all and you're from all over, let's actually take a look at this. So... which accents do you think are really hot, guys?

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