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I'm drowning in new music right now--y'all know me and my obsessiveness; it could take me weeks to get through all these tracks, because I'll get stuck on one for hours, if not days, at a time. So thanks to everyone for all the music--I'm getting swept away as fast as I can. : )

Since I mentioned "Wuthering Heights," I thought I'd give you the two versions to compare. I used to have the "old" Kate Bush version (computer crash, woe), which is kind of scary-old-witch sounding, but I do have and adore the "new vocal" version. The Pat Benatar cover uses more guitar and her phrasing is pleasantly different, but it sounds a lot more like the Bush version than you'd think (it's not "Wuthering Heights Is a Battlefield," if that's what you're worried about). Both these versions are great, in my opinion. (ETA: Thanks for the old version, lady_elina!)

Kate Bush, "Wuthering Heights" (1978)

Kate Bush, "Wuthering Heights" (new vocal)

Pat Benatar, "Wuthering Heights" (cover)

Bonus song: Hélène Ségara, "Un voix dans la nuit" ("A Voice in the Night"), which may or may not be an actual cover of Donna Summer's "On the Radio" but definitely references it, if nothing else, in a slower, driving-at-night-under-the-neon-lights, pop ballad kind of way. (Lyrics, in French, here.)

Let me know if/when the links run out.
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