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The world's most boring horoscope: Your filing system is out of date. Take some time to pull it together.

Wha...?: Plan ahead for Easter. Ride a pink elephant to work, and throw mushrooms at people while saying things like, "My Grandad is a toothbrush."

I just ordered 24 season one for my mother, because apparently she is Amazon-impaired, and also she is obsessed. Seriously, she's gone backwards and watched all of 24 except for the first season. In fact, she's watching 24 right now. She and my stepfather sat holed up in a dark den for about three weekends in a row, powering through as many episodes in a sitting as they could. (Well, I think he was just along for the ride.) Aaaaand now you know where I get it from.

Fametracker refugees, please check the "Last One Out Turn Off the Lights: The What Next Thread," because people are getting alternatives together, and a few LJ communities are popping up as well. In fact, a lot of us have already started settling in at new comms and boards for the time being.

(Non-Fametracker people: Have I told y'all the Tiny Moist Hand story?)

Quick note: two different people, as far as I can tell, persistently tried to add me to Yahoo Messenger today. Which is fine and all, and I like y'all, but the fact is that I only use IM services for 1) family, college friends and Vladimir or 2) emergency pow-wows. The latter of which I think I've participated in maybe two, total. Y'all know me. If I were on IM with multiple people for any length of time, I would get zero work done. So I'm just forcing myself to not use IM except with a handful of people I'm extremely close to, most of whom aren't online much anyway. If you try to add me to AIM/YM/MSN, I will turn you down. Nothing personal; that's just how it is.

Question: Does anyone have an mp3 of Ryuichi Sakamoto's "Wuthering Heights"? I don't know if it was written for the 1993 Ralph Fiennes-Juliette Binoche version or was just cadged and stuck over the credits, but it's gorgeous, and I realized last night that it's one of the tracks I lost in the crash. Woe.

Interesting links:

Excellent behind-the-scenes multimedia look at the stage production of His Dark Materials.

Bedside manor? Vintage point?

New galleries at OutNow: Hostage, Robots, The Dukes of Hazzard (sigh).

Heeeeeee, adoptable movie sprites. (Thanks, violetsocks. The little gondola! It even has a lantern...!)

Tired. Slept all afternoon and was totally out of it when Mom tried to wake me up. Man, my immune system isn't worth shit. I better not be getting sick again...

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