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...and many happy returns!

This and that:

These are probably the funniest LOTR icons I've ever seen.

The Paycheck commercials crack me up: "The number one thriller in America!" Seriously, people, I can think up better commercials than that. "The Number One Movie Starring Ben Affleck This Year!" "More Popular Than Five Other Movies In The Top Ten!" "Hey, At Least We Made More Money Than Peter Pan!"

Overheard at the end of ROTK:
Wee sprat: "I wanna see the next one!"
Dad: "..."
Wee sprat: "Is there gonna be a next one...?"
Dad: "..."

When my family came over for lunch and Great Aunt Irene was with them, I was trying to figure out exactly how she was related to me (surreptitiously, of course; I wasn't going to say, "So, wait--who are you?"), but my grandmother was more than happy to point out that, while she will be 80 next month and Irene is 86, Irene is her mother's sister. So lunch with Great Great Aunt Irene was interesting. No, really, it was fun. Sister Girl went off sulking because Boyfriend left for Huntsville two hours early (to catch ROTK with his mother; I think he'll fit into this family just fine), so Mom snatched up SG's new digital EasyShare HardToUse camera and we started posing the dogs for pictures. Aunt Awesome was like, "Did you see Martha Stewart this morning? She had a pet photographer taking pictures of her chows! They'd cover the dog with autumn leaves and then Martha would go MOOOOO! at it!" So we're sitting there with two poms and a cocker spaniel going, "Here, precious! Here, sweet! MOOOOO!"

You know, I've finally figured out why that "Eye of the Beholder" episode of the Twilight Zone bothers me. The woman in the bandages has this wonderful, gravelly stage-actress voice; she sounds at least forty. So what's underneath those bandages? An ersatz Marilyn Monroe. Right.

Going to go get some leftovers now, settle down and read Weir's War of the Roses...
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