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Stupid thunderstorm. Can't watch DVD, can't do laundry, can't take bath, shouldn't be on computer (it's only the broke-ass one! the good one is locked down and unplugged!). Anyway, this is an entry I wrote (mostly) earlier today:

Horoscope of DOOM: Suddenly, everything's upside down. It may take a while to orient yourself again.

If you feel it, you usually say it -- or struggle mightily to stop yourself. It doesn't matter whether it's politically correct to bring the subject up, you're a big believer in total honesty. That goes double for today.

Okay, y'all? I have some questions about Braveheart. For starters: there's that whole thing with Murron being killed, and then Wallace kills the guy who kills her, and that night all the villagers start chanting his name. Now, according to the subtitles, they start chanting "Macaulish! Macaulish!" and end up chanting "Wallace! Wallace!" Say... what? Is "Macaulish" supposed to be, like, "McWallace" (son of Wallace, i.e., his dead father)? Because... I don't recall hearing "Macaulish" ever used in the movie before or after that scene.

Also: is that a... tail of something hanging in Mel Gibson's hair? You see it in the scene where they go burn the garrison and kill the prima noctes guy. It's the same color as his hair, and you don't see it much, but then there's the completely WHATEVER love scene with Sophie Marceau (which--seriously, don't get me started on the romance-novel unlikeliness of this), and he's leaning over her, and suddenly you see this CAT'S TAIL just hanging over his shoulder and ICK.
Cleo: why does Mel Gibson have what looks like... a cat's tail...? hanging down over his shoulder?

Vladimir: ...
Vladimir: I totally don't remember.

Cleo: I'm serious. He's leaning over her, with this rat's nest of hair, and there's this tail

Vladimir: and it isn't his hairdo?

Cleo: well, I mean, it's got to be, but...

Vladimir: hey, it was the fashion. like the sideburns in the 70s. chicks apparently dug that shit.

Cleo: okay, note to you? I do not dig cat tails when I am getting it on. Write that down.

Vladimir: does. not. dig. cat. tails. while. getting. it. on.
Meanwhile, I'm going through my backlog of new music, and I love these Alizée tracks I got off audiography--"Lui ou toi" and "Moi... Lolita." ("Abracadabra" is all right... the meowing is kind of strange, though.) I was (and I apologize for repeating myself all the time, but new folks are always coming in, and it's not like I can expect even the regulars to remember stuff like this) a Spanish major/French minor/crazy in undergrad, so I have a weak spot for stuff like this. (Even so... can I get a native French-speaker translation on "quand je donne ma langue aux chats"? Seriously, is it idiomatic? Because... literally translated, it kind of scares me.) It's also really interesting to listen to French music during a movie like Braveheart, I tell you what. Which reminds me, I have decided that my absolute most favorite character in this movie is Nicolette, the slutty blonde handmaid. I don't know why. Maybe it's because she seems like the character I'd end up being--sort of marginal, but in a girly-snarky way. Not French and slutty per se, I mean--you know, I think I'm going to quit while I'm ahead here.


Revenge of the Spoilers? (Note: does not actually include Star Wars spoilers. I mean, except the basic premise of the movie, which, if you're a Star Wars fan, has got to be obvious to you anyway.)

Filming of The Hobbit at least three years away.

Romance novel cover parodies. My favorites are Kangaroo Voyeurs and Dude, Where's My Sword? Look for a cameo by Colin Farrell, by the way.

Even scarier: awful covers that are apparently real.

And more covers that are real, including horror and... I don't even know what. foresthouse, this one made me think of you.

If you missed it the other night, Ewan McGregor and Jay Leno had a water pistol fight that ended with... well, just go look at the pictures. Not pictured: Ewan making faces at fellow guest Nicole Richie.

Quick report on fundraising: I haven't heard from Christina--I'm not sure anyone has, not for a day or so, which worries me a little. But y'all have been so great with the donations. I'm trying to decide if $5000 is too high a goal; I know we raised at least $3000+ last time, and that was without a final tally.

Also, spectralbovine has put together a chart of PayPal fees--that is to say, in order for Christina to get a dollar, you'd have to actually give $1.34, if you're interested in taking that into account.

Again, thanks so much for helping out. To log what you gave for the (new) 15M count, go here. If you have no idea what I'm talking about, go here.

Update: Christina is, in fact, in the hospital again.


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