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Okay. I was so worried and upset over the weekend that I didn't do a very good job of laying out the actual problem for which we are raising the money (again). And those of you who have asked for verification are absolutely in the right, as it is all too easy to get scammed on the internet. I didn't think to lay it out for y'all because the donation link took you to Christina's site, where there's a big ol' link on the sidebar to "Verification." There are also pictures of Christina after surgery on the main page.

What Christina initially saidCollapse )

What Jillian emailed meCollapse )

Why I'm asking for your helpCollapse )

Then things get ugly. Really uglyCollapse )

Thank you so much to everyone who could and has given already. Christina and Jillian appreciate it so, so much.

My original entry.

How much PayPal takes out of your donation.

Log your donation here, for parody fundraiser purposes. If you don't have a LJ account and/or are commenting anonymously, just mention it in the comments. Otherwise, please use the poll.
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