Cleolinda Jones (cleolinda) wrote,
Cleolinda Jones

An entry about nothing important at all

Horoscope of DOOM:

Quickie: A problem can be like a splinter in your foot unless you do something about it.

Overview: For the next couple of days, absolutely nothing will be more important to you than taking care of the ones you love -- and that might well pertain to one person in particular.

It's a little-known fact that you are an expert caretaker. It's not just because you can make anyone laugh at any time -- although laughter, after all, really is the best medicine. You're also quite intuitive and know immediately what your charge needs, oftentimes before they do. So when a dear one comes to you, obviously worn out and in need of a helping hand, you'll be more than happy to do whatever you can to help.


Dear Braveheart: Please magically split into more chapters. This movie is seventeen hours long, and it's got twenty-one chapter stops. I'm about to wear out my "search" buttons looking for basic scenes. What. Ever.

That said, it's coming along really, really well. I am a little worried about making fun of the prince's flaming effeminacy so much--it's one of those things where you've got to show that you're making fun of the movie portraying him that way, you know? Anyway.

Nothing terribly important, just some linkspam I need to clear out:

A new update on Gaiman!Beowulf from Neil's journal.

A new Harry Potter poster. Dear marketing department: I can do better than this, kthnx. (ETA: I should have been more clear. This "poster" was scanned in from a kids' magazine. It is not a theatrical poster. Because that would just be sad. Even so? I can STILL come up with something better than this.)

More pics from A History of Violence.

The Ring 2 gallery at OutNow. Warning: spoilers and giant pictures of Samara glaring at you.

Mmm, breakfast.

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