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Just a quick note

Horoscope of DOOM:

Quickie: You've got a good thing going here. Take advantage of this opportunity.

Overview: Monday's romance, wistfulness and nostalgia haven't faded much. They may even double back for a second visit. Prepare yourself. You, too, can suddenly be swept off your feet.

It doesn't take much to talk you into a change of scenery. So if someone suggests a trip to you, you'll have your planner out and your boss on the phone in record time. Oh, and if there's a certain someone out there you'd like to spend some time alone with -- the kind of time that doesn't involve a workplace, a movie theater or a television set -- this would also be the perfect time to plan it.

God, I've been caterwauling about wanting a vacation for so long now.

Important comment from aperrin2: "In the last few days since the 4christina drive restarted, I've been getting PayPal phishing emails at about double the usual rate. I'm starting to wonder if we're being targeted by somebody."

After some discussion, we're pretty sure it's not a sekrit plot omg. Nonetheless, this remains true:

If you ever receive an email from ANYONE purporting to be from PayPal, please ignore or discard it. If you're concerned it might be real and must check your PayPal account, open a new browser window and enter the URL manually--do NOT click any link in the email. Generally, if you login to your account and you're not met with any sort of "please update your information" announcement? PayPal doesn't need anything from you. So please, particularly those of you helping Christina out, don't ever interact with PayPal through email this way. Open the site in a different browser and check things out from there. Read more about the scam here.

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