Cleolinda Jones (cleolinda) wrote,
Cleolinda Jones

Get ready to have your socks rocked, guys. Erin (zhai) told me to tell y'all this:

The company that I'm working for, GoPets, is just about to launch its open beta. We're trying to get a bunch of users into the system to stress test it and see if it's fun. We're running a promotional thing right now, and haven't really told many people (since it is still sort of 'closed' beta), where you get $1 for every user you get to sign up with the service and upload a photo to their profile. It's an online network, and everything is completely free. There's a $1000 cap, but if you can get 1000 people to sign up, you'll get $1k, and it can go wherever you want -- I thought it might be helpful in the 4christina thing. It's basically a donation of time instead of money, which might appeal to people... and if we get some users who like our service, it's win-win.

GoPets is an online network hooked up to a 3D virtual pet. The cats are really cute -- you can 'pet' them with your mouse, and feed them, and put crazy clothes on them -- my cat has a pirate hat. You can also totally customize their colors (my cat is modeled after my real life cat, Bean, so he's black, though I gave my virtual pet a blue stomach just to play with it). The network is global, and one of our main goals is to facilitate communication across the entire world -- eventually we
want to set up penpal programs between the US and third world countries.

We created an iconographic language, Iku (from icon + haiku), where people can send each other messages using our icons, and communicate even though they don't speak the same language. You can also make your own symbols for new words. Tied in with all of this is an online network like Friendster, where you can meet people. There's also a blogging service, and your pet (either a cat or a dog, for now) also "blogs" -- they record in icons where they've visited while you're away, who they've met, etc. Pets have fairly sophisticated AI, and will visit people who share your same interests if you fill out your user profile.
Y'all know my love for 1) Neopets and 2) trying out the latest blogger thing, so I'm actually giddy about this one. Downside: kind of a hefty download--something like 25 mb to run the pet software and 30+ mb to run the software to run the pet software. Fortunately, I've just cleared off half a gig, so... ETA: WARNING: the DirectX software did reboot my computer automatically when I ran the .exe. Save any work you have going on before you deploy that one, guys.

P.S. Please remember that this a beta version. It looks really spiff, but you are helping them work out the bugs.

Sign up here! Referral link of doom! I am up right now creating my pet at 3:30 in the morning! Because I am CRAZY!

P.S. Someone left me a message on the site--"In your drive to get people to join, make sure you tell them to leave the referral code blank and to put your user name (cleolinda) in the referrer field."
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