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Happy St. Patrick's Day! I made the icon just for the occasion. For those of you who have long wondered about my ethnic makeup (SUCH! BURNING! QUESTIONS!), I am your standard white Southerner mutt mix of Scottish, Irish, and English with a dash of French and German. There's some Dutch on the other side the family, but I think they married in.

No, I am not wearing green. If you pinch me I will SHANK YOU.

I had some Very Important Links for you, but Semagic crashed and I lost them, so I'll have to go hunt them down again. Fnarrr.

GoPets update: I cannae make the client work. I want a kitty! Woe. Nonetheless, until the particular bug affecting me is worked out, it's probably for the best, as I don't need help procrastinating just this second. Meanwhile, there's still the Friendster-style applications of the site, and I'll friend anyone who sends over a request. Re: another question, Erin also says that Mac and Linux clients are on the way, and in the meantime, there's also gopets, where she's gopets_erin, if you need help.

(I enjoyed this from the comments on the last entry: "I have joined and am the proud owner of a wee red kitty girl called Paddington. I have no idea what I'm supposed to do with her though, and just now a pink & teal doggeh came walking onto my screen and growled at me. O_o Heh.")

Best! Virtual Pets! Ever!: GoPets aren't content to hang out on their owners' desktops, however. They freely roam the net, visiting other owners and making friends along the way. In their travels, GoPets establish and strengthen social networks among Owners, bringing together people with similar interests. Of course, while delivering messages between Owners, they do a bit of personal networking on the side -- you may notice that your GoPet seems to spend a lot of time with one particular feline friend. Break out the cigars -- there may be baby GoPets in your future!

Linkspamorama, continued:

Wonder Whedon!


Interesting dish on Aarongate at TWOP (cannot vouch for its truthfulness, however).

So THAT'S where the icon of the cartoon lion chewing on the giraffe leg comes from!

The Onion: Corpse of Real Michael Jackson Found at Neverland Ranch.

Everything Is Illuminated.

Sin City: a near-religious experience. (Mild spoilers.) The reviewer gives it only "nine and a half out of ten stars" because 1) "Michael Madsen is kinda wasted" and Jessica Alba, of all the women in the movie, won't get naked. Of course, these are the people who also said that The Matrix Reloaded would, and this is a rough paraphrase, make you come until you couldn't come no more, and... not so much with that, no.

Back to the comedy mines it is, heigh ho.
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