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Still cannae make GoPets kitty. Still working on Braveheart, so this is for the best. Also, Erin asked me to clarify that "the promotional thing is for [designated] GoPets Affiliates only. Everyone else who brings in referred users will get a reward, but it will be in the form of in-game shells -- instead of getting $1, they'll get $1 worth of Gold Shells, which is actually a really good deal, or it will be when we have all of our super cool objects and new games uploaded." (Seriously, can y'all spot me a few shells, in that event?) So Sister Girl's plan to get rich quick as a GoPets recruiter has been nipped in the bud, oh noes.

I love you, Unca Neil:
I mean, there are no Neptunian Brain Parasites. And if there were, what would one want with me? What you see in the photo is definitely not a parasitic alien brain-slug. No. Why would you possibly think that? Here, come into this small room with me while I press my hand against the back of your neck... See? Now we are united as one in the slug overmind. Is it not wonderful?
Re: Fametracker Forums replacements: I think I will officially throw my weight behind Snarkfest. I like Bibliophiles and Princess Marie Chantal, but I only have time to really hang out in any regular sense at one board, and Snarkfest has seduced me with its easy-to-use interface, soothing colors, and general easygoing vibe. The only complaint I have is that we need more refugees over there to really get things jumping.

(P.S. Heard the story of how the PXThis board, the self-proclaimed heir apparent to FT Forums, crashed and burned? The "corporate sponsor" turned out to be a hissy-throwing self-published blogger refusing to use capitalization [see "Editorial Reviews" for a sample] who then got on the board and insulted everyone? The meltdown was marvelous, let me tell you.

Ooo, all the nasty reviews of the book have been removed. The plot thickens.)

You heard about the new Fiona Apple album that Sony refuses to release because they "don't hear a single"? Well, now you can hear all of them.

In that vein, songs from the new Garbage CD (a fourth one is in the comments).

Tell me again which songs from The Servant y'all liked? I'm listening to them now, and... there were at least two I really liked, but nothing so far that approaches the earcrack genius of "Cells." But then, sometimes it takes me a few listens to "get" something.

OH! reannaremick posted a link to a fan-edited instrumental version of "Cells"!

It's funny because it's true LOL

Let's write a sequel to Peter Pan, because we all saw how well Scarlett worked out.

Back to work. I was musing over which movie to do after I finish Braveheart, and I think I'm doing Independence Day--but I think I'm going to do it in a vastly different style. Well, as "vastly different" as you can get while still retaining the general "Fifteen Minutes" style. The difference involves the scene titles. I dunno. It's worth a try, I guess.

(A plot bunny for an entirely new story--well, two entirely new and different stories, actually--has been racing around my brain for at least a week now, but 1) I don't have the time to do anything about it and 2) it's kind of too early in the process to do anything anyway. I've come to realize how much of my process is in my head--how much of it is just musing and brooding and turning it over in my head, for weeks or even months, before anything ever hits paper or computer screen. That, and I've started asking myself, "What's the end? What's the point? What's the so-what of it?" And generally I can't start writing until I've answered that question--until I have a finish line I'm working towards. Nothing turns out well or right until I know where I'm headed. Which means, for example, that if Black Ribbon has four planned volumes, yes, I know what the end of the fourth one will be. In fact, I know what the end of each volume will be. How to get to that ending? Hmmm.)
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