Cleolinda Jones (cleolinda) wrote,
Cleolinda Jones

Dinner break linkspam:

Sin City reviews are coming in. Woe unto the one guy who's like, "But's it's about a city, and the people are sinful!"

Rhilin at Snarkfest explains Sin City to the newbies: "But I had a hell of a time explaining the thing to someone who has never read the comics, and whom I was trying to avoid spoiling. 'Well, it's about guys with guns and hookers. The hookers also have guns.' "

Songs in list format:
Things which I will do for love:
● Anything

Things which I will not do for love:
● That
P.S. I did not actually write that. Someone else quoted it; I have no idea where in the comments to that entry it is, or who did write it. But they are brilliant.

More new Harry Potter scans.

Beyonce as Bob Dylan whaaaaat?

Come back, Babymama! I didn't mean it! (Long story short: "Considering real-life events," i.e., Dominic Monaghan and Evangeline Lilly actually dating, I suggested a "Kate + Charlie 4Ever" shirt at Well, the shirt got sent to Kristin at E!, who handed it to Dom at some press thing, and the second link right there is him and Kristin and Jorge Garcia cracking up over it. Kristin then takes the opportunity to ask Dom if there will be any Charlie-Kate action [I guess--no sound on this computer, remember?], which--of course not, silly people. Babymama, hello.)

Oh, and my slightly used/shelfworn Carnivàle season 1 DVD set came in today (damn if I was going to pay $80 for the damn thing new). I get to add it to the pile of movies (Finding Neverland, Vanity Fair, Nausicaa--and for old times' sake, the King Arthur director's cut) I don't get to watch until I'm done with the book. I'm out of class come May, and I am thinking I will spend my first week off in a DVD haze.
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