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One sign, coming up

Just got this email from Clifton, who has taken class(es?) with Crazy Drunk Professor:

No, I would immediately drop the class if I was enrolled. However, I am only taking the children's lit workshop, which saves me a trip to the registrar. :) I can tell you now that if [CDP] teaches the class you will get NOTHING out of it.

All right then. We drop the class. (Update: Woot! No drop charge when you do it online before first day of class! Go me!)

(Update 2: I finally remembered to check my grades--they don't mail them out anymore. Remember Paper-Induced Dementia? Made an A. Fiction workshop? A. Poetry workshop? B. I'm slightly stunned. I'm trying to think of a wankless way to say this, and I can't: I have never made less than an A in a writing class before. I'm going to have to believe that Crunk is the first professor I've had with the balls to grade on more than just "effort." My pride's a little wounded, but at the same time, I know it's a B he really means--it's not an empty A that could really mean anything in terms of the quality of my work. Hmmm. Did I mention that the children's lit class is with him?)

Storm's on its way.

Speaking of Storm, Mom had me bring X2 downstairs to watch. I was being all, "Moooom, I have stuff to do," and then she said, "But I'm making chocolate chip cookies!," and it was just over for me, really. So that's how I've spent the last two hours.

I can't believe I go back to class tomorrow.

Oh, I'm about done with the Cleo Awards. It's really hard to spread things around equitably, particularly when you haven't seen as many movies as you'd've liked, but I use very scientific methods to arrive at them ("Whatever I Damn Feel Like"), so they ought to be all right.
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