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Dear Sin City: Thank you for finally helping me figure out how to end "Braveheart in Fifteen Minutes." I owe you one.

(I want to write up what I thought of the movie in more detail, but I'm close enough to finishing up my Braveheart draft that movie reviewing's got to be put off a little longer.)

From sincitymovie:
Rodriguez on the Sin City DVD - Unique features planned for the discs

"We shot the full stories of the books," Rodriguez says. "And I knew we could truncate it down, we weren't going to lose any scenes. Eventually they would all be available for people to see. The DVD will come out with the theatrical cut, and then there will be a separate disc that's got the individual episodes separate with their own title card and you could just watch The Big Fat Kill from beginning to end in its full cut as a single story and then switch over and watch The Yellow Bastard, and that's 45 minutes. It will have all the material back in, so it will be like the experience of picking up the books where you pick up one story and you read it from beginning to end and it will have all the material in it. So you can kind of shuffle your own version of the movie and just watch them all separately."

12 Killed in SFWA Flamewar:
Though the deadliest flamewar in SFWA (Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America) history, old-timers say it wasn't nearly as vicious as the 1970s debate over the SFWA tie. "Only three people died in that," said one 30-year SFWA veteran. "But that was back when you had carry out a flamewar by mail!"

The Vampire Novel
Hmm, very interesting! You scored 138!
People are addicted to you, as you make such entertaining and sexy reading material. You get people’s imaginations flowing and make for the type of book people want to read more than once. Cults have been inspired by the likes of you.

My test tracked 1 variable How you compared to other people your age and gender:

You scored higher than 49% on bookpoints
Link: The What Kind Of Book Are You Test written by saucygirl on Ok Cupid

Re: Musical selection for the evening: No, I can't believe it either. But someone a while back had some great old '80s chestnuts up for download (actually, I think this was from 1990), and I remember this song being quite the succès de scandale in my fifth grade class, to the point where some of the less reputable girls were even forbidden from singing it in the halls. Ah, good times.

ETA: Does anyone know where I could get hold of the Sin City script or, even better, a transcript of the movie (yes, there is a difference)? It would help you get "Sin City in Fifteen Minutes" sooner, let's put it that way.

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