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I'll quote a comment I made over at writer_girls, because I'm too lazy to think of a different way to say it:

"I just got processor and memory upgrades for mine (four years old), and I'm terrified of actually opening the thing up and installing them. I mean, I've installed memory before, but the instructions are all like, "IF YOU ARE NOT GROUNDED, YOU WILL KILL YOUR COMPUTER WITH STATIC ELECTRICITY!," and all I know is, the last time I was grounded, I was thirteen and it was for fighting with my sister. So I have no idea."

And really, I don't.

The Third Annual Cleo Awards are now up. Consider them the Digest update for last night, because I ended up sitting out in the subfreezing cold in an empty building waiting for my class to show up for forty-five minutes, having no idea that the first day of class is TODAY, not YESTERDAY. (And if you're wondering how I managed to sit outside while inside a building, the Humanities Building is built like one of those no-tell motels--big concrete balconies instead of halls around a hive of classrooms.) I had to sit outside because I couldn't remember if the room was 237 or 235--I'd grabbed the tuition bill rather than the schedule on the way out--and I wanted to be able to keep an eye out for signs of life. And there were none. I passed two professors leaving when I first got there, and that was it. But you know how there was all that ambient background noise in The Ring? Yeah. Forty-five minutes of that. I was on the second floor, and headlights/flashlights (from God knows what) from the ground floor kept swinging up and making shadows, and the elevator kept squeaking and creaking, and oh God if I am the only person in the building, why is the elevator moving?

I ended up waiting so long--seriously, I am not usually this hapless--because it's Scary Professor's class, the one I had a run-in with the first day last semester, and I didn't want to fuck this up. So I was half an hour early. And then I started wondering if the class started at 7:30, even though I knew that was impossible. So I waited until 7:15, and that's when I decided that if people weren't even there by that time, they weren't coming.

I wish to God I'd remembered my scarf.

So then I crawled home and made some hot chocolate from my Christmas stash but I couldn't get warm, no matter what I did I couldn't get warm, I ached all over and then I died of scarlet fever in Jo's arms... I mean, uh, I finished the Cleo Awards and went to bed. Yeah. That's what I meant.
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